This letter was obtained from the Teller County files in Woodland park. It is available at the building department in the NorthStar file.

May 28, 2000

Board of Review
Teller County Building Department
PO Box 1886
Woodland Park, CO 80866
Attn: Janet Lloyd

Dear Janet,

I received your letter, and have picked up the letter of complain from Mr. Dura. Even though we make every effort to keep everybody happy all the time, occasionally we run into a customer who cannot be made happy. Thank you for the opportunity to respond to his letter. I have reviewed his complaint, and if you have read the letter, you will most likely agree that it is a difficult letter to respond to, since I see no clear-cut issue. I only see a list of actions, and I don't see that he is claiming that I did not, or did, do these things. I'll do the best I can in responding. The most logical method of response (at least to me) is to simply go down the list and respond in paragraph form.

What does 'mis-reporting' mean? I do not understand 'altering payments' either. I can supply a list of contractors used (but you already have it via the permit app), and I can assure you that they are not subject to 'coersion'. We don't receive 'kickbacks'. Quite the contrary, we don't get paid for construction. We make all of our profit on the modular home and none on construction - even though if we did, it would be completely legal and above boards. I believe I am within my rights to require that a sub-contractor working on one of my projects use only acceptable sub-contractors working for (or with) them on the project, and I am also within my rights to explain that if they continue using un-qualified or un-acceptable workers. I can (and will) fire them and not use them again. What sort of threats did I allegedly make? It is not logical or believable that I threatened his home, and I anxiously await specifics to any threats that I made to him personally. I submitted only bills that were for work done on his project or materials delivered or used on his

Very sincerely,

Barbara Robbins

General Contrator License Number 2980C