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G David Rosenblum, Esquire Sucks Also! A Re-Bath Attorney in 2007

Who is G David Rosenblum?

Why did Re-Bath Corporate hire him?

And why did the Office For Disciplinary Counsel and the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania disbar G David Rosenblum in September of 2013?

Last Updated March 24, 2014

Who is G David Rosenblum?
On January 23, 2007, one (G) David Rosenblum, Attorney Registration Number 3647 in the State of Pennsylvania, sent us a lame cease and desist letter for his client, Re-Bath, LLC. In this letter, he demanded that we "discontinue any and all use of the Re-Bath trademark and tub-over-logo within 10 days from the date of this letter", which we rudely refused to do. Our cease and desist response letter also schools G David Rosenblum in elementary trademark law which it appears he never took or slept through that semester.

Why did Re-Bath Corporate hire him?
Because they are stupid? Are they incompetent? Are they totally uninformed? Are they all of these?

We say all of these because as of September 15, 2003, G David Rosenblum was placed on "inactive status" as an attorney by the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania in response to a petition from the Office For Disciplinary Counsel. And he was still "inactive" in 2007. How hard is it to do a cursory check of professionals being hired to represent Re-Bath? It seems to be quite difficult by Aimless in Arizona. Still, since we claim that Re-Bath does not care if its representatives are qualified, why should Re-Bath care if an attorney hired by them is actually allowed to practice law?

But of course, this is the same Re-Bath that ignored numerous complaints concerning David Fleming and Re-Bath of Colorado Springs. Perhaps they were distracted while they were counting their money and planning for their next foursome.

And why did the Office For Disciplinary Counsel petition the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania to disbar G David Rosenblum in September of 2013?
Settle back with a drink because this will take a while. We have the entire document, Case 146 BD 2013 , in PDF format and 16 pages in length, if you wish to read it. We'll give you the highlights. Part of the court document is a resignation letter from G David Rosenblum in which he admits that the "material facts" contained in the ten-page complaint "are true". [page 4 of PDF record] The complaint refers to the "Unauthorized Practice Of Law" by Rosenblum but, in reality, it should read the "Practice of Law Without A License".

Below is a sampling of what we consider to be the primary material facts in the complaint against former attorney G David Rosenblum.

Material Fact: On January 6, 2003, G David Rosenblum was accused of improperly pocketing $761,000 that belonged to his former law firm, Astor, Weiss & Kaplan.

Material Fact: On September 15, 2003, G David Rosenblum was place on "inactive status" by the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania because Rosenblum claimed he was suffering from an extreme mental disorder and was unable to effectively defend himself from the theft allegation.

Material Fact: On November 19, 2003, after being placed "inactive", G David Rosenblum officially changed the name of his law firm from G David Rosenblum, P.C., to G David Rosenblum & Associates, P.C., signing the document as "President" of the professional corporation. Under Pennsylvania law, a professional corporation provides professional services by a licensed member of the profession and the license of Rosenblum was not active. He repeated this perjury on February 21, 2006.

Material Fact: His web site,, which was up and running as of the date of the complaint, September 11, 2013, declared that it was a professional corporation offering "Legal and Business Services" with "experienced business lawyers". As a former and "inactive" attorney, G David Rosenblum was prohibited from representing himself as being licensed to practice law in Pennsylvania or to provide any legal services. Click here to view the web site page snapshot from 2009.

Material Fact: Around June, 2013, he gave his firm's "BIO" which stated he had been rated "AV" as an attorney (AV is the highest rating), his educational background and a short client list. He failed to inform that he was ineligible to practice law and omits the fact he was on "disability" status.

Material Fact: Illegal Representation of Re-Bath. It Just gets better! And Better. This is actually in the complaint. On January 23, 2007, G David Rosenblum wrote a letter to Tabberone (Karen is Tabberone) on stationery with a law office letterhead of G David Rosenblum & Associates, P.C., with a subject line of "Trademark Infringement", claiming his firm was representing Re-Bath, stating that we were infringing upon the Re-Bath trademarks and telling us to stop. He violated P.R.D.E. 217 (j)(4) and other laws by practicing law without a license. The complaint gives five errors but really, he was practicing law without a license. He had to know better. He did know better, He just did not care.

Material Fact: He violated at least seven different Rules of Professional Conduct and eleven different Rules of Disciplinary Enforcement. So what? All they did was disbar him. Where are the criminal charges and jail time? It is not like he was ignorant of the law. Is is not a felony to "practice law" without a license? Or does the law NOT apply to lawyers?

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