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May 9, 2009 - content has not been altered. Comments posted follow the complaint. Two comments suspiciouly similar and dated close together that are highly complimentary have been omitted because we believe them to be planted by Re-Bath. Use the above link if you wish to view them.

Rebath complaint posted Sep 26, 2008 (no name given)

Rebath a scam and waste of time

I wanted to cover up my '60s tile on my tub surround and wainscoting only. Very small bathroom. I looked at the Rebath site & found no inkling of a price range anywhere, so I set up an appointment for a free estimate.

This huge loud man came into the house and gave an 1 1/2 hour presentation and then told me it would be $6400 and that that was cheap. They don't even use real tile, and they glue it up over your old stuff! What a rip off!

When I told him that I would have to think about it, that it was a lot of money and a big decision, he got really pissy and threw all of his stuff in his bag, showed himself to the door, and didn't even turn around to tell us goodbye or thanks or anything.

I spoke with a contractor today who said he could send his whole crew in for two weeks and tile my bathroom the real way and do my entire kitchen for that much! I'm sure he was exaggerating a bit, but he was floored at the cost.

I felt like the entire deal was a waste of time. If the salespeople are going to be so rude about not closing the deal that day, they should talk to their company about maybe putting at least an average price range on the Web site.


2. Written by Cheated Bigtime!, on 21-04-2009 16:18
Do not deal with anyone from ReBath or affiliated with them. They will take a large deposit from you and then shut down without even letting you know leaving you with no way to even contact them. We are going to have to jump through hoops now to try and get our money back so we can give it to a real bathroom remodeling company. Shame on you Rebath for not telling people when your franchises are closing and at least giving our deposit back or arranging for someone else to do the work

3. Written by Lucy, on 09-04-2009 08:15
Funny, had almost the same quote for cost except 10% discount down to 5500 just to do a shower!!! Ridiculously overpriced for plastic!!

4. Written by cheated consumer, on 07-04-2009 17:20
Rebath has put us through a nightmare from the poorly run unlicensed franchise all the way up to the liars at the corporate office. If you deal with this company you will be sorry. They will never do the job and damage your home.

8. Written by Hal, on 29-09-2008 13:36
We got ripped off by Re-Bath. It took them many months and they even sued us before they finished. (They lost, but still, what a hassle.) Actually they never did finish the job. They destroyed our kitchen ceiling by creating a leak. Both the franchises and the corporate office lied to us. We feel we were cheated by Re-Bath and recommend no one do bussiness with them.

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Welcome To ReBath Sucks Central!

ReBath In General Sucks!

Click Here for a list of ReBath Store Locations. We can't say that other offices are as pathetic as ReBath of Colorado Springs and the sites listed in the complaints but we sure do wonder. Based upon the attitude of Re-Bath Corporate, we would expect they all are as incompetent as Re-Bath Colorado Springs. Possibly worse. But we don't know. Use them at your own risk.


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