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Source: posting #187 and a follow-up email from Jeff.
March 19, 2010 - content of email has not been altered.

RE: ReBath/reply?
From: William Koons
Sent: Tue 9/29/09 2:14 PM

Well, I posted an account on Archive.Ohword (type Rebath under 'search') and it's post #187.

Quick summary: I signed w/ Rebath thru Home Depot for a tub liner and 2 wall surround.

The rep. that sold me package said it would take about 7 weeks til ready. At week 8, no word yet, so I called Rebath and they said there "was still a part on order but I was within 7-10 weeks specified on contract". ( Contract says 7-10 weeks til start of work). So I told them OK I'll expect a call in 2 weeks.

At 10 weeks, no contact so I told Home D. I'd waited long enough (for a $4000 + job) and wanted to cancel. A couple hours later I get a call (4-way recorded from Home D. store mgr., her expediter, and Rebath installer). The installer states "install is ready to go!" I was more than leary and said "Really??" to which he replied "yeah, we've been trying to get in touch w/ Mr. Koons to arrange a measurement of a (drain?) prior to starting the work.

It was an outright lie and I knew it. The only contact between us was when I'd called them 2 weeks before. There'd been no calls/messages and I called him on the lie. Amazingly, he got defensive and loud right there on a party call and tried to shout me down!! I then told the Home D. Mgr. the deal was OFF, period because if they were willing to lie to me prior to even starting the work, what would happen if I were stupid enough to let them in the door??

She tried to toe-the-line and said "well you DID sign the contract!" then said maybe they could arrange a "discount". I refused.

That night, I called the rep. who'd sold me the deal, to try and learn anything useful, and found out he'd been fired by Rebath (via E-mail) about 2 weeks after I'd signed. He said he recalled that my order was 1 of 2 "on-hold" when he'd been canned. He also stated he doubted that the mat'l had ever even been ordered.

Took this info to the Home D. next day and had THEM call Rebath re: when they tried to contact me (they lied again) and then they asked for Rebath HQ/mfg. phone # and were told she'd "have to find out if she could divulge that". They hung up and googled it and called Rebath HQ twice but call was never returned.

In next few days, Rebath business mgr. finally called me and now the story about the elusive "measurement" had changed and SURPRISE! It could be done on-site/on the job! (so why was the installer claiming they'd been diligently trying to call me prior to starting work-and also why were these "calls" never made???). The Rebath Mgr. also claimed the installer who'd provoked me was being "reprimanded" and then tried to offer me an upgrade. (I think this was probably an attempt to save the deal and also cover-up the fact that they may not have ever ordered my stuff -as the sales rep. has implied-if I accepted an upgrade, they'd just order all new stuff and nobody'd be any wiser).

Ultimately, I declined the upgrade and told them I wanted the deal dissolved. I also reported them to The PA. BBB (for what it's worth). Since then, the charge remains on my Home D. credit card, though I've paid nothing on it yet. And, both Rebath and Home D. have been evasive/unresponsive which has prompted me to retain a lawyer who has sent them both letters. Right now, it's in limbo-any help would be much appreciated.

Jeff .

Welcome To ReBath Sucks Central!

ReBath In General Sucks!

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