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Added December 3, 2014 - content has not been altered. This is an excerpt from this page of many complaints about Re-Bath.

Deanna of Louisville, Kentucky on February 23, 2012

We contracted with Kentuckiana Re-Bath to totally re-do our main (and only bath with a shower) bathroom in July 2011. It is now February 23, and it is still not put to bed. We were told to have all painting and electrical work completed before they came to install. We paid 1/2 the money down (over $4,000) in July when we signed the contract. We did not hear anything back from them until the last week in September. When they called on the last Thursday in September, they wanted to come the following Monday. Not much notice, but we were told by the salesperson that when they call, we better be ready or we would be put to the bottom of the list again. We were.

We were told no one had to be there, but thank God my husband was and was downstairs in our basement with our dogs. Otherwise, our basement would have been totally flooded. Twice, he had water gushing into the basement, and he didn't have a clue. My husband had to tell him. My husband also had to clean up the mess twice.

On the first day, one of the walls was mis-cut. When I came home from work and told Mike this, he wasn't happy about it and told me that it could take another 2 months to get another wall in. I believe he was trying to get me to just live with it. On the second day, Mike installed the vanity and then realized they had ordered the wrong size and my door wouldn't close. Again, we were told that it could take another 2 months to get another vanity in. Instead, they took the vanity back to the shop and tried to cut it down to fit. This is the vanity that we were told was so high quality that we should never ever think about screwing or nailing anything into it.

When they brought it back and installed it, we noticed that nails were shooting up through all the drawers and had even splintered the wood. I actually cut my finger on one of these nails. When my husband said something to Mike, he said he noticed it. We both thought that was strange. I guess they were just hoping we wouldn't say anything. Why would you install something that was obviously not the high quality that was promised? It was refurbished as far as we were concerned.

For the first 45 minutes of the presentation in July, we had to hear about what a terrible company Bath Fitters is. Picture after picture of the excessive amount of caulk they use. Re-Bath is using just as much. We had 2 inches of caulk around everything. Walls were cut crooked. Definitely not the quality beautiful bathroom we were promised. During all of this, no one from the office called us. The only person talking to us was the installer, Mike, and he had become frustrated after he kept making mistakes. He just wanted off this job.

During one of his visits, he left our house without telling my husband (who was downstairs with the dogs out of his way) and left our front door wide open. After all of this, we noticed that they have knocked a hole through our wall into our bedroom. Now we not only have a bathroom that has not been completed in the 3-day max time but a tumor-like bulge coming through our bedroom wall.

Finally after sending an email to our salesperson, Cindy (and getting a very argumentative response back, making us to feel like it was our fault), I got a call from the owner, David **. He came to our house, looked at everything, seemed to be professional, and told us he was going to take care of everything. He has the hole in the wall fixed, and professional painters paint our bedroom. He also has them paint the bathroom because he thought they had a way of putting something on the caulk so it could be painted over, but the painters said that was no such thing.

Also, there was a nail hole in the wall by the vanity where they have originally installed the incorrect size. When the correct vanity was installed, of course, you could see the nail hole in the wall. Mr. David explained the only thing to do was to take the vanity out and replace the wall. We all agreed to let Mr. David install a piece of molding (again on our brand-new high quality vanity) to cover this nail hole. My husband and I just wanted this to be over.

During all of these months, I had relatives who couldn't stay at my home and had to stay in a hotel when visiting from Louisiana (end of October, again our remodel started the 1st Monday of October). I had Thanksgiving, Christmas, and my granddaughter's first birthday party, but I still had all of my bathroom supplies sitting in laundry baskets in other rooms.

The above are just the major issues. We decided to live with several covered-up mistakes that were made just to end this. Mr. David agreed to a reduced amount because our 3-day max bathroom remodel took from the 1st Monday in October until the painters left on December 27. In every advertisement, the big thing that is promoted is the quick turnaround. As a matter of fact, from Thanksgiving until Christmas, I had to hear commercials on the radio stating that I could call and still have my new bathroom by Christmas. How in the world could that be when I had given over $4,000 for my bathroom in July and still didn't have mine done?

One week after mailing the final payment, I receive a letter which stated the balance was still on my account but they wouldn't take legal action at this time. I called Mr. David. I left message after message but received no return call. Finally, I sent an email to the Re-Bath corporate offices, asking someone there to please have him call me.

The following Monday, January 23, he finally returned my many, many calls. He stated that his accountant had told him to send the letter because he was writing off the balance as bad debt. It wasn't bad debt; it was reduced payment for taking so very long and us just settling and living with the many mistakes and cover-ups. I also explained to him that we were told that this was a lifetime guarantee and that we would never have to call a plumber for anything to do with this bathroom. We had never received any of this information. He said that the information was not sent until the job was completed. I told him I wanted the warranty information and a letter sent saying we were paid in full.

My credit is excellent, and I certainly do not want this screwing that up. It is now February 23, and I have received nothing. My many calls have been left unanswered. I spoke to a Lisa in customer service at corporate on February 17, who acted like she cared; but obviously, nothing has still been done.

I just don't know what to do. Obviously, Re-Bath tells you what you want to hear but is not very good on the follow through. We just want this to be over. I want my warranty and guarantee and a letter signed and notarized stating my account is paid in full. I just can't understand a supposedly professional businessman handling this situation like this. They make the mistakes, and we get treated like this? What kind of crazy company is this?

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Welcome To ReBath Sucks Central!

ReBath In General Sucks!

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