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June 16, 2009 - content has not been altered.

Klein Reveals Consumer Scam Against Homeowners

Posted by Jeffrey D. Klein on Sunday, March 13th, 2005

Bronx today, a local bathroom remodeling company, for ripping off Bronx homeowners. Klein revealed that the company is deliberately misleading consumers about when work on their bathrooms will begin to get cash up front from customers.

One of those customers was Anthony Mazzacane, who alerted Klein’s office to the scam. Mazzacane signed a contract with Re-Bath on December 22, immediately paying them $1100.

Work to remodel his bathroom was supposed to begin as early as one week later. Today, almost three months later, the Mazzacanes are still waiting. “We made repeated calls to Re-Bath of the Bronx and the chain’s national headquarters in Arizona,” said Mr. Mazzacane. “They just gave us a runaround.”

“Unfortunately, the Mazzacanes’ experience is typical of homeowners who seek to remodel their bathroom with Re-Bath,” said Klein, who was joined by other Re-Bath customers whose complaints were not adequately addressed. Klein added, “Our investigation uncovered numerous complaints from consumers who are victims of the same exact scheme. The sales representatives at Rebath of the Bronx tell consumers they will begin the job within weeks but Re-Bath knows they won’t do so for many months, if at all. While homeowners wait and wait for work to begin, Re-Bath is out signing more bogus contracts with new customers to get their cash.”

Re-Bath of the Bronx is also ripping off its employees. Klein’s investigation found that several checks made out to employees had bounced. To date, several employees have not been paid hundreds of dollars for hours they worked.

“We won’t tolerate businesses acting in this manner in our communities,” said Senator Klein, who is the ranking Democrat on the State Senate’s Consumer Protection committee. “We expect that businesses will be honest about the services they can provide to consumers and fulfill the obligations specified in contracts they make with customers.”

Welcome To ReBath Sucks Central!

ReBath In General Sucks!

Click Here for a list of ReBath Store Locations. We can't say that other offices are as pathetic as ReBath of Colorado Springs and the sites listed in the complaints but we sure do wonder. Based upon the attitude of Re-Bath Corporate, we would expect they all are as incompetent as Re-Bath Colorado Springs. Possibly worse. But we don't know. Use them at your own risk.


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