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May 9, 2009 - content has not been altered. Comments posted follow the complaint.

Re Bath Complaint
Local Thieves Posing As Re Bath Take Your Deposit And Avoid You
Reported by ANGELTOUCH06 on 06/16/2007 - Florida

Re Bath
8010 Sun Port Dr Suite 117,
Orlando,Florida 32809
(407)926-1811 M-F 9am-4pm


I received an ad with my mail for a company called Re Bath, I then responded to the ad and a man named George came to my house to measure the tub on February 13,2007 they took a deposit of $1064.25 from me to provide and install a new tub liner over the existing tub. At that time I was inform that in 6 to 7 weeks I will receive a new tub liner. 4 to 6 weeks after placing the order I called Re Bath to check on the tub I was then told my tub will be ready in 2 weeks. After 4 weeks I called again and a woman named Veiandra claimed the measurements were wrong and she needs to come back to the home and remeasure. I then called again 3 weeks later to check on my order again then spoke with a man named Terry that stated the measurements were off, so I stated I either want my tub liner or a full refund. Mr.terry then stated if I get a refund I will be break my contact, he told me he will come out to my home and get the right measurements. When terry came out he told me he will give me a free shower head for all the trouble and then try ed to make more money by saying the liner I ordered was discontinued and he will need to rip out the walls and replace everything. So I told him I do not want to demo my bathroom I only want the product I put a deposit down for the tub liner.

Here we are now in the month of June and I have not received the liner or my deposit back. And these people keep giving me the run around, every week they tell me you will receive you tub next week. They said they had to order the tub from new york and when I called this company this morning the so called owner or man in charge Terry hung up the phone on me 4 times when I demanded to know what was going on with my deposit. Then he refused to answer the phone I then left a message stating I will be contacting the BBB and the local news company. I then waited about 20 minutes called 1 more time and he then gave me his last name he told me he talked to someone named Grace in New York yesterday who claims she will be sending a refund.

This company needs to be checked out before anyone else in Orlando gets ripped off.

Reader Comments:

Posted by RVGOWEN on 10/30/2007

This is the most untrue story ever. I am Terry Gowen with Rebath of Central Florida, and yes the first slaes rep mis measured her tub, and I am the one who went to her home to re-measure. I did not offer her a shower head for her troubles, I offered to replace the complete shower body in the wall and install new walls for her at no charge at all!!! she refused and I returned her money to her. Anyone who wants a copy of the refund check for confermation please request at the number or e-mail


Posted by sousweetheart on 09/03/2008

who knew that you had to order from New York. I thought all the ordering was done through Arizona?

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Welcome To ReBath Sucks Central!

ReBath In General Sucks!

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