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March 19, 2010 - content has not been altered. This is an excerpt from this page of many complaints about Re-Bath.

Ramona of Colorado Springs, CO July 14, 2009

October 2008, started the contracts and ordering of materials for remodeling of 2 bathrooms at a cost of $7000 with receiving a 10% cash discount. We paid all of the money up front because the owner seemed genuine and the corporation had been around for years. January 2009, told materials were in and the contractor began demolition on the first bathroom. The contractor replaced some drywall, got the shower pan down and put up the cement board in the shower. He also took down half of a wall between the shower and the vanity that was going to be replaced with glass. The contractor was slow to get any work done and he didn't work full days.

Then the contractor just stopped showing up. The owner Mr. Dave F, of Monument, Colorado, gave the excuse that the contractor was sick. David showed up a couple of days to paint the bathroom walls and cabinets. He appeared to come clean and said that his contractor wasn't really sick. The real reason for the delay was that his contractor of 8-years took everything out of his warehouse and ran off with it. I was told that I'd get $1000 discount due to the issues and inconvenience, but never received it.

February 15, 2009 Mr. Dave F sold the company to the Denver office. We were told by Mr. F that Rebath corporate would take over and complete the work. I called corporate office and after many messages later finally got a hold of someone who sent out a husband and wife team to assess where we were in the process around April 2009. They work for Am Bath, which remodels hotels and motels. They told me that Mr. F left 80 other families in Colorado Springs in various states of bad remodels. He gladly took their money without remorse. Dave was also performing jobs he was not qualified to do, such as installing new cabinets, plumbing, and countertops, which was what he was scheduled to do in my second bathroom that fortunately he didn't start on. My re-evaluation by Am Bath was in April 2009 and now it is late July 2009 without a phone call from them stating when my bathroom will be started.

I started this process 9 months ago and I am out 7000. My family of six cannot use the shower because it has been demolished. I am down to one bathroom. My upstairs bathroom remodel was not started. All I ask is for Rebath to either give me my money back (preferred) or finish the job in a timely matter, but being timely isn't a quality that they embrace.

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Welcome To ReBath Sucks Central!

ReBath In General Sucks!

Click Here for a list of ReBath Store Locations. We can't say that other offices are as pathetic as ReBath of Colorado Springs and the sites listed in the complaints but we sure do wonder. Based upon the attitude of Re-Bath Corporate, we would expect they all are as incompetent as Re-Bath Colorado Springs. Possibly worse. But we don't know. Use them at your own risk.


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