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March 19, 2010 - content has not been altered. Comment posted here followed the original complaint. Presentation has been reformatted to exclude advertising and to improve readibility.

# Dear Heidi
Re-Bath Damage Controller

YOUR REPLY - OR A PORTION OF SAME - noted below is the pure and simple dribble that RE-BATH uses on ALL customers who feel they were screwed.

CHARLE CRIDER (or SCREWEDER) of the ALBUQUERQUE "RE-BATH" FRANCHISE came to my home several months ago. He is out of the 2426 WASHINGTON NE., Albuquerque, NM 87110 'so-called store'.

The MOMENT this 'man' could see my wife and I were NOT ABOUT TO SIGN A $22,500.00 contract "ON THE SPOT", he packed his cases and samples and was OUT of our home in five-minutes. He was RUDE RUDE RUDE! Plus his cheap COLOGNE STUNK UP OUR HOME! I NEARLY PUKED! He smelled like a male whore!

In addition, as he exited our home, one of his 'cases' tore a BIG opening in our screen-door! He didn't even flinch - he simply kept his over-weight buttox moving towards his vehicle! The man IS a full blown idiot!

Now as far as your products -- PLASTIC LOOKING -- OVER-PRICED JUNK! I do not care how many awards you have received - nor from where they came. This CRIDER (MISTER STINKY)character was all, "best this - best that - other companies are inferior - our product will stand the test of time" BULL!

Defend Re-Bath all you want Heidi -- the fact remains that the job you address HERE was done in a amateur way! Your saels-staff (CRIDER IN PARTICULAR) are liars who do not deserve to be seeling DEAD animals food, much less HOME UPGRADES!

POULIN DESIGN REMODELING / RE-BATH and HANDYMAN are ALL FRANCHISES owned by the same money grabbing idiot!

YOU DEAR LADY (and I use the term with reservation) OWE MR AND MRS KAM AN APOLOGY AND A REFUND! They bought whta they felt was a good product. It turned out to be JUNK JUNK JUNK!

Your $200.00 GIFT CARD is an INSULT! It is a piss poor amount not worthy of consideration! You should be ashamed! How does it feel to be a corporations professional damage control officer?

In the NAVY we call such individuals, 'political prostitutes'! Anything for a buck!

NOT to call you ANY FORM OF SEXUAL TOOL -- but to simply express how YOUR POSITION IS ONE STEP ABOVE THE SAME!

May you rot away in one of your own RE-BATH JUNK PRODUCTS!

- James R Houghton Apr 3, 05:52 PM .

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