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June 16, 2009 - content has not been altered. "Troy S" and "Dan J" claim to be "customers". However, they both joined the blog at the same time and they both posted positive reviews at the same time. Coincidences like that are rare. We suspect both are Dave Fleming. And we agree with the genral tone of the thread: Dave Fleming is a liar and a crook.

Extraneous comments have been deleted.

Re-Bath reviews: Just slightly suspicious?

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02/28/2009 Jessica J. says:

Does anyone else find it a little suspicious that four Re-Bath reviews were posted on the same day, all by "Yelpers" who have never reviewed anything else before? Furthermore, that all 4 reviews were 5 stars, and the only previous review was 1 star?

I'm guessing that Re-bath took it upon themselves to post customer testimonials to Yelp. Not awesome.

02/28/2009 Tom D. says:

i noticed that too. what BS.

03/01/2009 troy s. says:

Actually, I am a Rebath customer and helping them in the fact that I have had three bathrooms done by them and they did great. they also did my neighbors and my parents. Did a great bang up job! Furthermore, a few of us who had some bathrooms done were asked to come on and give them an honest evaluation to try and elevate the word that they do great work. Not sure what is wrong with that but if it will make you feel better, I will review more things. Had no idea this yelp thing was on here.

03/01/2009 Dan J. says:

It not BS......I was actually the first to write a review back in September. I wrote it because the guys did a great job on my house but what got me, is the owner actually donated a bathroom to a neighbor of mine. I wonder if you guys heard of the fella who was burned real bad at the Sky Sox fireworks accident. We were chatting and I guess that company was one of the first to donate a handicapped shower. thats pretty cool and I think more businesses need that recognition since they dont ever ask for it. Just my two cents... I too will make sure I review more.....too much FACEBOOKIN!!!!!!! BOOYA!

03/02/2009 Jessica J. says:


Nothing is wrong with you coming on and giving an honest evaluation of the business if that's what actually happened!

If you look around, you'll notice that it takes most business several months to get 4 reviews, let alone four 5 star reviews. For one business that previously had only one review (and one star) to get four 5 star reviews in 2 hours- and have all of those reviewers be new to the CoS Yelp community- IS suspicious. And hopefully you understand why there WOULD be something wrong with a business trying to better its review score by coming online and reviewing itself at five stars with past customer testimonials.

I'm glad to hear that's not what actually happened, and I'm glad both of you got fabulous bathrooms. :-) Cheers!

Enjoy YELP!

03/02/2009 Emily N. says:

Rebath of Colorado Springs has a BBB rating of F and are not even members. They did a horrible job on our home! It's been eight months and they haven't even ordered our supplies and the stuff we did get is wrong.

03/02/2009 peter p. says:

There is always a few who have a bad experience. I am in customer service at a local dealership and as much as I try, I still regret that not all are happy. I am sorry for your experience. Ours was great tho with the folks at Rebath. They have done mine, my neighbor and my folks' house and never had an issue.

You know, my aunt had a really bad experience with this window company but come to find out, they did our pastors house and did a great job. I guess this is life.

03/03/2009 Dan J. says:

I didnt have a handicapped neighbor, we are talking about a guy who had third degree burns covering seventy five percent of his body. We are talking about a guy who was so active in his community, a father, a husband who had his life dramamtically change in seconds. By comparing the two is not much comparison in my opinion. It is too bad and no one likes anyone to have a bad experience but my wife and I wanted to point out that this company did great work and anonmously donated that bathroom. Didnt have to and never got any publicity. We think that was awesome! Thats all.

03/03/2009 Emily N. says:

Dan I'm glad they helped someone out and you all had a good experience. Everyone has different experiences with companies and I don't wish a bad one on anybody. Mine was just awful and we regret hiring them.

03/04/2009 Emily N. says:

Dear Travis or should I say owner of Rebath. It is completely unethical and I find it disgusting that you speak of your customers this way. It is also a horrible unethical and illegal thing to tell what people paid you to do a job and insult their families that way. It's no wonder you have a BBB rating of F and need to go online and insult customers who obviously paid you alot of money to try and get business. I hope you are aware that it is illegal to make public other peoples personal information and reveal payment amounts and who paid for it. If you were confident in your services you would not need to insult others to defend your reputation and I find it childish and hope many others get to see your behavior.

03/04/2009 Emily N. says:

In my opinion it is also unfair to the public for owners of companies to post customer testimonials. Customers that are happy or unhappy with a service should be able to talk on these kind of sites without company owners coming on and insulting them and posting their own reviews all to their favor. It's pretty bad too that a company would get online and admit their Better Business Bureau rating is F and they are not members. Some of the complaints on that report are pretty serious and I encourage people to check into it as it is public information for consumers to be informed of the risk they are taking by hiring a company. Please let real people and real consumers have conversations without making insults and defaming your own customers.

03/05/2009 David F. says:

Actually, I am the owner of Rebath and did not write the above statement but I appreciate all of the support given from various customers over time. make clear, I did not authorize them, nor know who wrote them. We do strive to make everyone happy, and sometimes come up short. With those, we work harder to try and make them happy. Sometimes then, we come up short. The above complaint is a complaint that we have tried to resolve but the person has called the police to which the charges were dropped, twisted our words, and called every news agency to which they have not touched. And on top of it, we have wanted and asked to still resolve her situation but that person would rather do this.

Yes, it is true, we have a low BBB rating and are waiting for our year probation to be up before we can go before the board. We have been 9 months without a serious complaint and most of the complaints happened in a short timespan to which I was not in charge of Rebath. As my mother had passed from a long illness and wife nearly died in childbirth, we outsourced management and, obviously, it did not work well. We spent an awful lot of money on those problems and worked every one, yes, every one, but one out. Prior to that, we had three complaints in three years. This is coming after nearll completing 2000 jobs in Colorado. That is alot of jobs.

I will not come back on this forum again but wanted our friends, fans, colleages, and partners to know that we appreciate all of your wellwishes. We will continue to pursue excellence.

Best Wishes,

David Fleming

03/05/2009 Jessica J. says:

Wow! This has turned into quite the discussion!

To be honest, I only care about one thing in all of this: the integrity of Yelp. Yelp is a place for consumers to go when they feel compelled to rate and review a business. It is NOT a place for business owners or employees to go and post customer testimonials or letters of referral, even if the customer has given permission for those things to be posted online. This taints the integrity and authenticity of the review. It's a thin line, to be sure, but that's what advertising and having your own business website is for.

If these Re-bath posters are indeed real customers who posted of their own volition, and the business is on the up and up, good word of mouth will come on its own and customers will continue to post on Yelp.

If these reviews were posted by an owner or employee, I would ask - as nothing more than a lowly Yelp member - that you remove them. I have no doubt that people wrote such shining letters of recommendation, it's simply a violation of the purpose of Yelp.

03/05/2009 Emily N. says:

Jessica I agree with you 100%. I am encouraging anyone who finds the owner of this company's reviews innapropriate because they are and violate consumer protection acts and ethical business guidelines held by law to contact the Rebath Corporate Office, The Better Business Bureau and Federal Trade Comission. That is not what yelp is for and it is unfair to regular people who just want to conversate and post reviews.

03/07/2009 Emily N. says:

If the owner of Rebath is so confident in his services and customer service why don't we post the letters from his attorney threatening to sue a customer for defamation, liber and slander because the customer filed reports with the appropriate agencies for their contractual violations and poor work done at their home. Customer will also post pictures of the incorrect supplies and poor work in their home so people can see what they really get and how they get treated when they hire Rebath of Colorado Springs. We can also post a copy of the BBB report showing the serious issues, false use of the BBB logo to falsely lure consumers and the 5 cases that were administratively closed because they could not be resolved using methods of standard dispute resolution. I'm sure consumers everywhere would be interested.

03/09/2009 Emily N. says:

Well looks like Peter P. is the owner of Rebath too. Easy to run searches on this kind of thing. Boy this guy just doesn't know when to quit!

03/27/2009 Emily N. says:

If anyone else in the Colorado Springs area got ripped off by Rebath of Colorado Springs going out of business just want to let you know that there is something you can do about it. Don't cave into these people, consumers have rights and you don't have to take it! If you want you can contact me from my profile, there are consumers all across the country banning together and in our area. You are not alone!

03/28/2009 Emily N. says:

Ignore the previous posting. There is a letter on the door at the old Rebath location that the Rebath Corporate Office will take care of all customers with outstanding contracts and they leave a contact person and phone number. I'm glad to see Rebath Corporate is going to do the right thing.

05/20/2009 Hal H. says:

We too have be ripped off and cheated by Re-Bath. The Long Beach/Signal Hill franchise in California. They did over $10,000 worth of damage to our home.

They pulled a bait & switch scam on us with the materials. They came late and did not finish, left us without our bathroom. Not just not finishing in the One Day as we were sold, never finished. But they had the audacity to then sue us!

They caused a leak that destroyed our downstairs ceiling among other things. The refused to honor their own warranty. They refused to fairly compensate us for the damage they caused. They even cranked called us, talk about unprofessional.

The corporate office backed the franchise and both factions never stopped lying to us. We found Re-Bath to be the absolute worst company of any kind we have ever dealt with. They also broke many building and ethical codes and lied about having licenses.

You are best to stay clear of any Re-Bath. Even if they do what they claim, the fact is the product is over priced, the quality is simply not there, and skill of the installers is best described as inept. Heaven forbid you actually have a problem!

Your standards have to be pretty low to accept the "quality" this band of thieves and scammers is pushing. Or as we've seen on so many sites, the praise is actually coming from franchises and their shills.

05/28/2009 Lamont A. says:

Dave took my $3500 in December 2008- Stacy lied to me through February and March "the product is being manufactured- just be patient"

April 2- letter from corporate- Rebath of Rockies is closed- talked to Rhonda- can i get me money back? have to get it from Dave- where is he? who knows- in fact. my material was never even ordered-

i said ok to letting corporate install the bathroom for cost paid plus rest of contract cost- that was April 10

no contact since then- it is now May 28- I called two days ago- I dearly hope to hear from corporate real soon, but frankly, it is getting to feel like last March all over again-

Dave stole my money
Stacy lied- they are both crooks as far as i am concerned-- anyone else had satisfaction from corporate yet?

06/02/2009 Emily N. says:

According to the Colorado Secretary of State Records Rebath of Colorado Springs was voluntarily dissolved by David Fleming on February 15, 2009 and his other business name Rebath of the Rockies was voluntarily dissolved by him April 2009. His former employees tell us that the corporate headquarters called and told them to lock the doors, tape up windows, and package all customer files and send to them immediately. David Fleming is still in CO and left a letter on the door at the old location that Corporate Headquarters of Rebath would honor all his contracts and fulfill full obligations and if you had a billing issue to contact him at cospringsrebath@hotmai... Nobody at this business was a licensed plumber and should not have been performing plumbing work in Colorado at all. Anyone with an incomplete job that has already been started needs to check the products they did receive to make sure they are from Rebath and they got what they ordered. If you aren't sure Rebath Corporate has had people in the area inspecting his unfinished jobs that can confirm this information for you.

06/04/2009 Rob R. says:

David Fleming took thousands from us all the way back in June 2008. He cheated us with horrible bait and switch tactics and stole alot of our money. A year later our house is still not finished and the bathrooms look awful. He is a crook who took deposits from innocent people promising them work and then closed the doors and walked off with our money. His employees are calling some of the people he ripped off and say he even went on a nice two week vacation at the ripped off consumers expense. If you call corporate Rebath to get your money back they say you have to get it from him but they don't know where he is. Well folks if you are a victim of this scam David Fleming is still in Colorado and just told one customer whose name I won't disclose that he was sending them certified funds with a little interest to get them paid back so why shouldn't we all get our money back!!!!! DON'T LET HIM GET AWAY WITH CHEATING PEOPLE, CALL THE POLICE OR GET A LAWYER AND GET YOUR MONEY OR AT THE VERY LEAST YOUR HOME FIXED PROPERLY WITH THE SUPPLIES YOU PAID FOR DONT BE A VICTIM AND LET HIM GET AWAY WITH IT!!!!!

06/08/2009 Hal H. says:

It sure looks like Re-Bath is more of a scam program using bath remodeling as the vehicle than a real bath improvement company.

The stories share a common thread of bait & switch, lying, unlicensed contractors, not adhering to the timelines/deadlines promised, having to wait for "materials to be manufactured" and the corporate office protects the franchises and perpetuates the same lies.

The apparent goal of Re-Bath is to separate it's customers from their money, and if they cause collateral damage in the process, too bad for the customer.

It is an interesting point that when Re-Bath was out for a quote (salesman) and the beginning of the job (installer) neither one of them had any interest in doing a second bathroom or even being referred to another job in the area contingent on them doing a good job.

Seems in retrospect that they were going in knowing they would not be doing a job anyone would give a positive referral for. And they succeeded at that too.

06/08/2009 Rob R. says:

Rebath is the most horrible band of cheats and liars I have ever dealt with. You would have to be absolutely crazy to deal with them and I wouldn't hire them again if they offered bathrooms for free. No they do not honor their warranty and don't care about customer referrals, they will just go rip off some other unsuspecting person.

Welcome To ReBath Sucks Central!

ReBath In General Sucks!

Click Here for a list of ReBath Store Locations. We can't say that other offices are as pathetic as ReBath of Colorado Springs and the sites listed in the complaints but we sure do wonder. Based upon the attitude of Re-Bath Corporate, we would expect they all are as incompetent as Re-Bath Colorado Springs. Possibly worse. But we don't know. Use them at your own risk.


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