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January 24, 2012 - content has not been altered. This is one of several complaints on the above URL.

Sandy of Cincinnati, OH November 18, 2011

On Friday, July 1st, 2011, we decided to go with Re-Bath instead of Bath Fitter (we did get an estimate from them, also). We expressed to your salesman (Dean **) the importance of wanting a larger tub than we already had. He had to go back and forth with us several times on the phone, taking measurements, until he investigated and stated he could get the size tub we wanted. The agreed upon tub size was exterior 30 wide tub with INTERIOR measurements of 24 wide, 59/60 long and 14 deep.

Monday, August 22nd, was install day. The installer (Dave) was not very competent. He had turned off the water main, then removed the faucet handles. When he went to turn the water main back on, he had left the spigot open, so water was pouring into my open floorboards/joists. He asked for towels, I gave him older ones. they weren't enough, and he asked for more, so I gave him nicer towels. They were filthy when he gave them back to me.

I went outside to look at the new tub in my driveway. It looked oddly narrow. So I measured just the interior. The width was only 22, so I called the salesman. He looked into it and called me back, stating that the size tub I wanted/ordered/he agreed to, did not even exist. Evidently, Josh at the office was looking up the wrong type of tub, so that size exists, but not for the type of system we were having installed. I was aghast! What was I going to do? I had a huge hole in my wall/floor, and my old cast iron tub had been jack-hammered into pieces? And the agreed upon size tub I wanted didn't exist, because of a mistake on Re-bath's part?

Someone, somewhere in Re-bath had to have known that the incorrect size tub was being sent to my house. I allowed the installer to put in the 22 tub, with the condition that, I would not get a chance to take a bath until the weekend, and I would let Re-Bath know, then if I was satisfied with the smaller tub (Also, Dave tried putting in the new tub with the nails still in the studs! He left broken glass in a bag in the hall and when my dad walked by, he cut his shin on it). He also left the bathroom and toilet filthy with the grime from the drain, and the jack hammering knocked tiles loose in the adjacent bathroom, which Dave agreed to grout.

The weekend came, and trying to take a bath was quite a joke! The width was a little tight, but even worse, the water barely covered me! I measured the depth, and it was only 12! It was supposed to be 14. I was furious! Also, when we take showers, the bottom creaks/groans/moans so loudly, it can be heard in the next room, over the noise of a box fan, and an air purifier!

I called the salesman to let him know of the additional mistake (12 instead of 14 depth), and the unbearable noises the tub makes when showering. He gave me the number to the local franchise owner, Jim. I called Jim. He could not have cared less about any of my dissatisfaction. His rebuttal is that, I authorized them to put in that tub. No I did not! I authorized a 22x59x14 (since there is no 24x59x14), to be installed, and that is not what is in my bathroom. He had never received complaints about the noise. it is not possible, because it is sitting flat on the floorboards. I am no rocket scientist, but the exterior is 15 and the interior is only 12. My math says there is a 3 gap between the tub bottom and the floorboards!

He was adamant that he was not going to come out, and do anything, certainly not anything for free. I asked if he would then rebate some of the money I had already paid, and his answer was no. He offered no concessions whatsoever to try to appease this unhappy customer. I wish I had paid by credit card so I could have contested the charge!

The only saving grace is Dean, the salesman. He was not above being bothered to come out, and see about the creaking/groaning. He agreed to try to be a go-between for us and Jim. It has still been a process of waiting weeks, and not hearing anything. We initiated a call to Dean, and he replies, "you mean no one has called you yet?" Our answer, no! Currently, they are looking into what they could apply/spray under the tub to help with the noise. Now that they are investigating, apparently the noise issue is more common than they thought. To this day, we still don't know what is going on concerning products to help insulate under the tub. Also, caulking is already pulling away from the back wall (after only 2 months), to which it took 2 weeks to hear back from the repairman.

I believe that I have been reasonable, and more than patient. If this issue does not get resolved to my satisfaction, I will have to take measures. I have contacted the Better Business Bureau, Angie's List, Ohio Consumer Affairs, Ohio Attorney General, my uncle (who is a prominent lawyer in the region), and my friend (who directs the news at the local Fox TV station). I have also posted on Facebook about the lousy service and product. A response would be greatly appreciated.

I assume your company normally doesn't just install "whatever size tub they feel like" into homes. I would like to hear from you no later than December 15th, 2011. The outcome I am expecting is either : 1)for you to replace the tub with a deeper tub and do something about the irritatingly loud noise it makes (assuming the new tub may creak, also), or 2)a partial refund (the cost of the tub itself), and you do something about the irritatingly loud noise it makes.

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Welcome To ReBath Sucks Central!

ReBath In General Sucks!

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