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Posted December 6, 2014 - content has not been altered. This is an excerpt from this page of many complaints about Re-Bath.

Kristy of Houston, Texas on April 22, 2013

I wanted to forward you our complaint we made today to the Better Business Bureau regarding ReBath of Houston. Sadly, we are most likely out of $16,800, but at least I feel some justice/redemption if I can warn others of our experience. Here is what we submitted to BBB: We met Jeff from ReBath sales in 2012 to get a quote for remodeling two bathrooms. We were especially interested in a "groutless" remodel. Jeff brought several samples of a thick stone-like material that would be used. At the time, the price of $16,000 seemed high but reasonable for the tear out of two showers, mold remediation, new flooring in one bathroom, removal of tile wainscot in the master bath, and the higher quality stone replacement for the showers/bath.

When the remodel began, we had our first evidence of deceit. The old shower tile and dry wall were removed and significant mold was evident, which was expected. Upon returning home that evening, it was discovered that the old studs and moldy insulation had not been removed. Instead, the wall had been covered with new dry wall (pics available), and you could see the moldy insulation and studs on the bottom of the wall. We halted the project until we could speak with the project manager who explained that the city was coming to inspect the plumbing so they needed to cover that up for the inspection, otherwise they would require another inspection for framing.

I demanded they do the work correctly. I felt very uncomfortable about their plan to trick the inspector. After all of that was finally done correctly, we came home to find our newly installed shower was very cheap prefab 1/8 plastic instead of the thick stone-like material we were shown. Only the stone-like material was used for the base of the shower. In one bathroom, there is a line cut through it about an inch above the base where it looks like they messed up the measurements and cut it too short the first time. The hardware is already rusting.

Both bathrooms look cheap and terrible. They also did not remove the tile wainscot in the master, stating it was not part of our contract. Calls and texts to our salesperson went unanswered. We tried on numerous accounts to contact the owner of the company, leaving messages, with no return calls. We sent an email which bounced back because the inbox was full. We feel completely scammed and unhappy with the final product.

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Welcome To ReBath Sucks Central!

ReBath In General Sucks!

Click Here for a list of ReBath Store Locations. We can't say that other offices are as pathetic as ReBath of Colorado Springs and the sites listed in the complaints but we sure do wonder. Based upon the attitude of Re-Bath Corporate, we would expect they all are as incompetent as Re-Bath Colorado Springs. Possibly worse. But we don't know. Use them at your own risk.


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