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June 16, 2009 - content has not been altered.

Rebath of Colorado Springs, Rebath of the Rockies Complaint

Rebath takes deposits does no work closes doors - Bathroom Remodeling

Reported by emilyneimiller on 06/06/2009 - Colorado - Colorado Spring

Many Colorado Springs residents have been scammed and are left ripped off by a local franchise operation Rebath of Colorado Springs also dba Rebath of the Rockies. The owner David Fleming has been getting away with it since as early as 2007 and his Corporate office finally made him board the windows and close up before any further investigations arised. He sold large bathroom jobs to Colorado residents all over taking very large deposits, never ordered materials, kept the money and then closed the doors. Some deposits were taken as early as June 2008 and he dissolved the business February 15, 2009. He was putting all your plumbing labor was included on contracts and performing large plumbing work on homes with no license at all! Not him or one employee was licensed or even remotely trained to perform the tasks they were attempting to do. People are all over the internet and asking around about where this man is so they can find some way to get their money returned or contract honored. His previous employees are calling customers to tell them about the fraud and try to help whoever they can including themselves. Horrible bait and switch tactics were used where customers were shown nice Rebath products, purchased them and then got the most inexpensive thing Mr. Fleming could find at Lowes or Home Depot. So you call Rebath Coroprate to get your so called lifetime warranty honored and you can't claim it because what you got is not Rebath product. So you are left with plumbing damage, inferior items without the warranty you thought you purchased and a reminder everyday by the awful look of your home and your stolen deposit. Mike and Karen Dudnikov of Hartsel Colorado were victims of this scam and made a whole web site about it. Others are posting on line wondering where to go and what to do. I feel Colorado consumers should be told of this scam and know that David Fleming still resides in Colorado and took a nice two week vacation with our stolen money after closing the doors leaving hundreds ripped off. Rebath Corporate says they will honor some contracts for the rest of the contract cost but you have to hire a lawyer and pay thousands just to get them to speak with you. If they were any kind of reputable Franchise operation they would have shut him down years ago when they began getting all the theft and bait and switch complaints. I don't understand how someone can get away with being unlicensed, stealing and continue to issue contracts under a business name and taking money even after it has been dissolved and just get away with it. This whole operation needs to be investigated and colorado residents should at least be told their options or rights as to what they can do to get their homes finished or their money back

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