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Tucson Arizona Letter, July 2, 2010

The word "anonymous" conjures up an image of cowardice, avoidance. It is the refuge of the scoundral who desires to be heard but lacks the willingness to be identified as the source of the rebuttal. Anonymous publications have been used by many to attack a political point of view while shielding the author from responsibility for the missive. Alexander Hamilton and Benjamin Franklin used anonymous identities to promote their leaflets of dissention. But that was during a time when dissent could result in your physical being being drawn and quartered. That is not the "penalty" today for voicing one's disagreement with another.

"Anonymous" decided to enlighten us with his/her dislike of these pages concerning Re-bath. Being anonymous means he/she does not want anyone to know who he/she might be. That translates to "shh", do not tell. But we are. Since anonymous lacks the gonads/overies to at least give us some idea of with whom we are dealing, making him/her an IT, we are going to refer to "Anonymous" as shhIT.

This person hs a very inflated opinion of himself. He is not as smart as he thinks he is. Nor is he very clever.

To read the full, unadulterated, unsigned letter from shhIT, click here.. We present this letter as part of our on-going openness concerning who we are and what we have to say. Unlike shhIT, we tell you who we are and where we stand.

The envelope indicates the letter, with no return address and unsigned, was mailed from Tucson, Arizona. The writer of the letter disavows ever being a customer of Re-Bath but since Tucson is only a few miles from Scottsdale, we are guessing that shhIT could be an employee or manager at Re-Bath corporate, or, as we suspect, none other than David Rosenblum, the "unqualified hack" of an attorney employed by Re-Bath.

To properly address the wildly imaginative claimes of shhIT, we are taking two approaches. We are addressing them directly here, on this page, and we have a page identical to the full letter but annotated with our responses as we make them. You are free to read either version. shhIT is way off base.

Welcome To ReBath Sucks Central!

ReBath In General Sucks!


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