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The following is the entire email we received from Bob Bookman Tue 6/15/10 5:47 PM
Content has not been altered. Unsolicited, glowing emails of this sort are automatically suspicious. It was just too sugary so we decided to see what would happen if we got into his face.

From: Bob Bookman (
Sent: Tue 6/15/10 5:47 PM

I am sorry to read of your issues with ReBath in Colorado. I have a few comments, but first let me state that I am not employed by, nor affiliated in any way with ReBath. I have no friends employed there, nor in any trade in the construction or remodeling business.

I have no reason to doubt any part of your sad story with ReBath. I would like to mention, however, that I have had a ReBath project done by the local MN office and have had no issues whatsoever. Part of the shower head assembly broke and Andy (the same Andy who was vilified in a review on your site) came out promptly and replaced it at no charge. I found him friendly and competent which is how I felt about the installer as well. He removed an old whirlpool tub, installed a new tub and wall material, and had an electrician deal with the electrical feed to the whirlpool. I was able to get that line converted to an outlet in my garage for no added cost. The project took 1.5 days.

My only issue with ReBath is the cost. It's rather expensive, and one might well argue that there is a lot of profit for everyone in the ReBath chain of command. I do not dispute this. In the same vein, I recently had Lasik eye surgery for $3,400. I was able to get rid of my glasses and can see perfectly. It took 10 minutes. Is it "worth" $3,400? Is there a lot of profit involved? Yep, but it was worth it to me. My bathroom was not cheap but it looks brand new 2 years later and I have contracted with them to redo my lower level bath as well.

I think the issue here is clearly the franchise concept. "Each office is independently owned and operated." ReBath corporate probably is not going to get involved at the level you would have desired. You clearly were dealing with incompetent workers and owners. As with every contractor, you will find good ones and bad ones. To dispatch all ReBath franchisees as being in the same bush league as the one you dealt with is disingenuous.

I searched the internet for comments about my wife's car, a 2004 Chevy Aveo (Korean Daewoo). What did I find? Nothing but nasty comments about it being a POS, etc. Well I have 102k miles on it with only a bad gas cap (covered under warranty) and a loose wire in the wheel well go wrong. I had all routine maintenance performed as recommended and it runs fine.

You will find good and bad. Mostly on the internet you will find the complaints, not praise. I think your branding of ReBath as "sucking" is a bit over the top. Perhaps you could have pursued legal remedies. Maybe you did. For myself, I am well pleased with their work and with the personnel in the local office here.


Bob Bookman
Apple Valley MN


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