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The following is the entire email we received from Bob Bookman Tue 6/15/10 6:12 PM
Content has not been altered. When we decided to see what would happen if we got into his face we expected him to conform to pattern. A genuine submission would have generated a different email response. A phony, self-serving lie that has been exposed, as in this case, generates outrage and profanity. Bob Bookman is a lair and a hot head.

Re: Re-Bath/reply?
From: Bob Bookman (
Sent: Tue 6/15/10 6:12 PM
To: Karen Dudnikov (

YOU miss the point totally! I sent my email to you for the purpose of determining if you were serious people who are capable of logical thought and reasoning. Clearly you have proven what I suspected. You are rude and condescending crackpots. Your issues with ReBath doubtlessly resulted from your inability to read or comprehend their terms and products.

I am happy you live out in the middle of nowhere. I hope you stay there because you clearly are 100% whack-a-doo's with a whack-a-doo looney toons website.

Stay in your hole and revel in your crackpot nonsense.

Don't bother responding as I have blocked you from my email.



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