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The following is the entire email we sent to Bob Bookman
Content has not been altered. Unsolicited, glowing emails of his sort are automatically suspicious. It was just too sugary so we decided to see what would happen if we got into his face. We were not disappointed.

From: Karen Dudnikov
Sent: Tuesday, June 15, 2010 7:04 PM
Subject: RE: Re-Bath/reply

We are so happy for you. You appear to be blessed. As for your disclaimer, it is contrived.

However, our web site lists complaint after complaint and most cite the fact corporate Re-Bath does not care. That means there is a pattern of abuse from the top down. If a few good offices get tarred with the same brush, let them complain to corporate like we and many others have. Collateral damage. If it looks like a pile of shit, and it smells like a pile of shit, you can bet it is a pile of shit.

You are entitled to your opinion. Why you bothered us with it is beyond us. Whatever did we say on those web pages that would make you believe that we cared that you and your wife are leading such wonderful lives? Please tell us what inferred that we care a wit about your eye surgery, your wife's car, or the price of butter in Denmark? You recite them just to add an air of legitimacy to your message of warmth.

Do you understand the concept of a gripe site? You missed the entire message possibly because of your warm fuzzy for Re-Bath.

Karen & Mike
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