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Karen and Mike are Colorado residents who frequent the Colorado casinos in Black Hawk, Central City and Cripple Creek. They are not connected with the gaming industry in any manner.


Few people would order a drink in a bar and not tip the person delivering the drink. But this happens all the time in casinos. It seems that some people are mesmerized by the bright lights, neon and glitz and they forget that waitresses, floor personnel and table staff are getting minimum wage and that they rely on tips. These same waitresses, floor personnel and table staff are usually on their feet for their entire shift. How many times have you walked by a blackjack table and seen a dealer just standing there, waiting, and waiting, for someone to play? The glamour of the casinos can sometimes fool people into believing that the employees are very well paid.

Many players are comped drinks, incentives and meals by casinos as a result of their play using their player's card. While we believe that these players have earned these meals and drinks because of their play, we also think that sometimes these players lose sight of the fact that while free meals and drinks are coming their way, the people serving those meals and drinks are not that well paid.

Dealers and other table staff are dependent on players having a winning streak or just having a lot of fun. Some winners tend to tip generously. The dealers and other table personnel want the players to do well and not just for the tips. Happy players come back to play again. And all casinos want happy players. It is good for business.

If you are fortunate enough to hit a jackpot on a slot machine that requires a hand pay by attendants, do not forget to tip the slot attendant something. Players tend to not notice the floor attendants as they constantly move about the floor adjusting chairs, picking up empty cups and other trash. This is job that requires quite a bit of walking and a lot of smiling. The tips are usually pooled between all the attendants and the cage attendants. If your job description included the phrase “works in a cage” you would like to see tips.

Free buffets are not really free. Players earn points that are converted into chits for the “free” or discounted meals. Traditionally tips for meals would be based upon what the meal would have cost, not upon what the player is paying, which often is very little or nothing. The waitresses, chefs and table bussers are always polite and friendly. And they reply on tips.

We think tipping promotes good karma and people who gamble want good karma.

(as of July 25, 2013)

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