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Cease and Desist letters received by Tabberone.

Curtis Scheib Sucks - A solar contractor who attempted a fraud by switching solar batteries on us June 2015, who has fled Colorado to avoid our lawsuit and his many other creditors. Click here for all of the details and our detailed lawsuit filed in Park Couty District Court.

Colorado, our place in Hartsel, Colorado. We live at 9,328 feet above sea level in a valley surrounded by 14,000 feet high mountains.

Commentary, everyone is entitled to my opinion. These are assorted brain dropping on a variety of subjects.

Do Not Buy A Manufactured Home Reasons to avoid manufactured homes and dealers. We give a lot of reason why you should avoid them and seek a contractor who will build you a real home.

Dog House, our puppy in Hartsel, Colorado Killer was her name. A real sweet dog.

Innovative Energy, a solar contractor we suggest you do not use.

Funny Bumper Stickers

Kitty Korner

Living Off The Grid We have been living off the grid since we moved to Colorado in the fall of 2000. We present details of what it is really like to live on solar and wind ten miles from the nearest power lines. It is not the pretty picture presented by renewable energy advocates., about NorthStar Homes in Florissant, CO

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Re-Bath Sucks reasons why you should not use Re-Bath

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