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KILLER! What a name for a dog. It conjures up an image of a terrible beast about to rip your arm off. An animal that wants to rip your leg off and bury it in the back yard. When we mention it to the vet who had treared Killer at the shelter, she laughed. Killer weighed in at 45 pounds when we got her from the shelter. She was about two years old. You could see her ribs and spine. She is now at 72 pounds (what the vet dictated) and healthy.

Killer was named by Karen after Killer's first night here from the shelter. Since the two puddy cats had seniority, any dog we got from the shelter was going to have to get along with the cats, and that meant get along with the cats according to what the cats wanted, not the dog.

Killer was easily the quietest dog at the shelter. She seemed gentle. The first night, lights out, we heard a commotion. We had decided the dog had to learn to get along with the cats. We were not going to tolerate the dog bothering the cats. Turning on the lights, what we saw was the 45-pound "Killer" trying to climb onto the table to get away from a 9-pound cat, Cassie, who was terrorizing the poor dog.

Based upon self-esteem issues, Karen decided that Killer whould be a name that would instill confidence in our new pet. So be it. Mike certainly isn't going to tell her otherwise.

Killer is really a pussycat. Killer is also very curious. Killer doesn't know what a porcupine is. Well, before these pictures were taken she didn't know what a porcupine was. This happened the weekend between Christmas and New Years in 2001. Do you know how many Vets there are available in central Colorado at 8pm at night during a holiday weekend? We found one. One. And he's our vet from now on.

Killer has a face full of quills. She is not a happy camper. It could have been worse. We tried to pull the quills ourselves with a pliers but after three she wouldn't let us get close to her with the pliers. The vet had to give her a pain killer to get the rest out.

We have had requests for more pictures of Killer. Pictures that don't hurt as much. Look, Ma! No quills! Killer's left eye is part brown and part light blue. It tends to give her a look like there's something wrong with her eye but there isn't.

She seems to like to sleep a lot,

Oddly enough, we received an email from a Jenny D. concerning the lack of dog pictures. She insisted we be fair because Killer should have friends as well as the kitties. We pointed out to her that no one had offered pictures of their dog for posting. We assumed, based upon experience, that there are a lot more cute pictures of kitties because they are naturally cuter than dogs. Jenny looked at her collection and had to agree. However, she did give some pictures of "Friend of Killer" to post as well as some kitties.
  • Majik is a large dog in a small body. He likes to herd llamas, me, and he loves to be cute for cameras.
  • Emma rests among the cats trying to understand their meows.
  • Sheeba [black dog] and Xander [black kitten] sleeping on dog bed. This kitten, Xander was abandoned. Sheeba was a wild dog who trusted no one. Until the kitten taught Sheeba to interact with others. Xander belonged to Sheeba. Sheeba became tame because of Xandar.
Also, visit our Dog-gonned equal time addition for puppy lovers,
Puppy Pause.

R.I.P. Killer

Born 2000 - Deceased 2010

A Really Sweet Dog. She will be missed.

Pictures July, 2009

Killer & Cassie

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