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Cripple Creek, Colorado

Last Updated May 17, 2014

Cripple Creek is an old mining town in Colorado where limited gambling is permited. Slot machines, Keno, and various table games. Gaming is permitted 24/7 with a $100 table limit and limited service hours on free beverages for players. Cripple Creek is about a 1½ hour drive from our home in Hartsel. Cripple Creek has shops, historical attractions, and restaurants as well as casinos. Colorado law prohibits smoking in casinos. This is a major plus over Las Vegas casinos for your average non-smoking gambler.

Cripple Creek is a few miles west of Colorado Springs off US 24. One big thing we like about the casinos in Cripple Creek are the numerous self-serve soft drink and coffee stations. Almost every casino has at least one place where patrons can help themselves to coffee or soda instead of flagging down a waitress. Most casinos do have waitresses to serve beer and mixed drinks, and these waitresses do also serve soda and coffee, but it so nice to be able to get a coffee or soda right away. This is very good if you, like Karen, are a "slot-hopper", and are never at one machine long enough to get a drink served to you. Also, several casinos have self-serve popcorn machines which is a nice touch. Unlike union Las Vegas, when you tip dealers in Cripple Creek, usually the tip goes to that specific dealer, whereas in Las Vegas, tips are shared by all in the "union" house, even if you do not like the dealer.

There is a fair amount of on-street parking available. The two larger casinos, Wildwood Casino and the Double Eagle/Gold Creek Casino, have indoor as well as outdoor parking. Several other casinos have parking lots for patrons. Usually parking is not a problem. While gambling is allowed 24/7, the Cripple Creek casinos are generally small and cozy and most are open all night. Casinos are listed in no particular order. Bear in mind, observations about staff, food and rooms are our opinions based upon having been there. Your experience could be different from ours.

Table minimums tend to vary by casino. Blackjack and some variations of blackjack are offered at some but not all casinos. Many of these casinos have food service of some type but we only comment upon those we have actually used.

Tipping at casinos is not required but it is recommended by us. Click here for our opinion as to why we suggest players tip when they can.

Karen and Mike are Colorado residents who frequent the Colorado casinos in Black Hawk, Central City and Cripple Creek. They are not connected with the gaming industry, nor have they ever been in any manner except as players.

Wildwood Casino
Large indoor underground parking garage. The Wildwood Casino is located on the edge of town, somewhat away from the other casinos. Pop corn machine.
The Wildwood says it has 68 hotel rooms. We have not stayed at this casino hotel.
Table games and slots
Blackjack, craps and roulette. Live Poker Thursdays through Sunday, noon to 2 am. 530 slots.
Website - http://playwildwood.com/

Double Eagle Casino & Gold Creek Casinos
Indoor parking garage. These two casinos are joined at the hip. The Double Eagle Casino was slots only but added table games. The Gold Creek Casino has table games as well as slots. Pop corn machine on weekends.
Double Eagle Rooms - 158 rooms. We stayed there one night in June 2012. More like a motel room than a hotel room. No room safe nor small refrigerator. The room did have adequate electrical outlets. Television was cable so the channels changed quickly but there were only nine stations and no TV guide. Bathroom was well-lit and the sink was good-sized but there was no night light. Tub had a non-slip surface which we consider a plus. The air conditioning worked very well. We had an excellent view of a brick wall.
Buffet - Double Eagle Casino buffet has a Friday night seafood buffet special for card holders. Good crab legs. Buffet seating is smaller than most but adequate for Cripple Creek. They re-organized the buffet layout and it is much better. The food is good although the selection is smaller than those buffets offered in Black Hawk. But really, how many different selections does one need?
Table games and slots
Blackjack, craps and roulette. 700 plus slots.
Website - http://decasino.com/

Big Jim's Gambling Hall & Saloon
Big Jim's opened in the summer of 2011. Small but cozy. Unlike many casinos, Big Jim, the owner, is often on site and looks just like his picture. And he is genuinely very friendly.
Big Jim's has no hotel rooms.
Table games and slots
Blackjack upstairs has been closed. Too bad. They had the nicest double-deck blackgame game in Colorado with a $5 minimum and liberal rules. Number of slots unknown.
Website - unknown

Billy's Casino, Bronco Billy's Casino & Buffalo Billy's Casino
All three casinos are really owned and operated by the same people and are side-by-side-by-side. Table games are at Billy's Casino. Slots only at the other two casinos. Pop corn machine and cookies.
No hotel rooms at the casino but there is a Billy's Hotel a short walk away from the Casinos.
The restaurant is inexpensive and the food is very good. Open early for breakfast.
Table games and slots
Blackjack, craps and roulette. 750 slots. Dealers share tips.
Website - http://www.broncobillyscasino.com/

Century Casino
The Century Casino is one of the few obvious "chains" that own multiple Colorado casinos in both Cripple Creek and Central City. We do not consider this to be a negative but it presently seems to be rare concerning Colorado casinos.
The Century Casino has 18 hotel rooms.
Table games and slots
Blackjack and roulette. 448 slots.
Website - http://cripple-creek.cnty.com/

Brass Ass Casino
Old Time atmosphere and decor. Dealers share tips. Affiliated with the Midnight Rose Casino and JP McGill's Casino.
The Brass Ass Casino has no hotel rooms.
Table games and slots
Blackjack, craps, other table games and roulette. 250 slots.
Website - appears unreliable

Colorado Grande Casino & Hotel
Colorado Grande Casino is one of the few casinos in Cripple Creek that does not have a self-serve coffee or soda station. Fresh Baked Cookies - free on Saturdays.
The Colorado Grande Casino has 5 hotel rooms. ??? This information comes from the Colorado Gambler and seems to be iffy. Five rooms? The Colorado Grande website gives the imperssion there are more rooms than five rooms available.
Table games and slots
No longer offers table games. 211 slots.
Website - http://coloradogrande.com/

Johnny Nolon's Casino
Small but comfy.
The Johnny Nolon's Casino has no hotel rooms.
Table games and slots
No table games. 255 slots.
Website - http://johnnynolons.com/

Midnight Rose Casino
Affiliated with the Brass Ass Casino and JP McGill's Casino.
The Midnight Rose Casino has 19 hotel rooms.
Table games and slots
No table games. 400 slots.
Website - appears unreliable

JP McGill's Casino
Affiliated with the Brass Ass Casino and Minight Rose Casino.
The JP McGill's Casino has 40 hotel rooms.
Table games and slots
No table games. 300 slots.
Website - appears unreliable

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