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This web site is NOT about NorthStar Homes in Loveland, Colorado.
Their web site is http://www.northstar-homes.com. But please read what we have to say about NorthStar Homes in Loveland.


“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”
Edmund Burke


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We Found Him!
Doug Robbins!

In Greenville, Texas. Running what we believe is another scam. That is, after he ran away from scamming people in Colorado.

In our opinion, Douglas Robbins is a bully, a con artist and a liar. Just like his second wife, Barbara Robbins (now Barbara Asbury)

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Barbara Robbins
Who Is This Woman?

Can you say B-I-T-C-H?

In our opinion, a pathological liar, a cheat, a thief, a really bad building contractor, and some one who has foot-in-mouth disease.

QUESTION? How can you tell when Barbara Robbins is lying?
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Barbara Robbins

This site was once www.NorthStar-Sucks.com. These web pages tell a sad story about four Colorado companies that were engaged in what we call criminal activities. After you read the many documents and the many sad stories from the many victims, we believe that you will agree with us that these four companies were involved in criminal activities and that the owners/management of these companies are liars and thieves. These companies may have treated some customers fairly but when they were working with the main player of this drama, NorthStar Home Builders of Florissant, Colorado, their conduct was usually less than fair if not downright criminal.

All of these companies were located in Colorado. We say were because they all are out of business as far as we can determine. We will pause here for applause. Except for Summit Crest Homes, the other three were small companies operated by their respective owners. The Terrible Trio are our main focus as they did the most damage but Summit Crest was an enabler standing in the shadows whispering cues to the main characters on stage.

We gave been threatened with lawsuits by Summit Crest, Rocky Mountain Construction Lending and Grand West Financial; none of which ever materialized. NorthStar did file a lawsuit against us claiming defamation among other things. The Colorado Court of Appeals slapped down Chief Judge Posner who sided with Barbara Robbins after she lied and cried. Among other things, Barbara Robbins objected to being described as having "peanut butter legs".

NorthStar Home Builders of Florissant

The primary actor in this woeful tale of lies and deceit is NorthStar Home Builders of Florissant, Colorado. NorthStar operated under seven or eight different corporate names. NorthStar sold modular homes manufactured by Summit Crest. NorthStar also bought and sold real estate. You could buy the land from NorthStar, purchase the modular home through NorthStar and then have NorthStar as the general contractor to have the work done. You could get cheated three times in one transaction. Lucky you.

The primary players in the NorthStar camp were the owners and managers, Douglas Robbins and Barbara Robbins. They lied and cheated everyone they could and they were good at it. NorthStar has closed its doors. In 2002, Douglas Robbins fled to Greenvuille, Texas and recently (2013) he was last seen hiding out in Custer, South Dakota. . Barbara Robbins (now Barbara Asbury) lives in Woodland Park and in October 2005, filed for bankruptcy in an attempt to avoid paying her debts. But she had money. Money she stole from a mortgage company (with help from Grand West Financial), money she stole from unsuspecting clients and over $340,000 she inherited from the estate of her father. Her bankruptcy attempt failed because we went to court to block it.

Minor players for NorthStar include, but are not limited to Sheery Beeler, Barbara's assistant and liar extraordinaire, D Craig Davis, sales agent for NorthStar and coward, and Geroge Asbury of Affordable Excavating, NorthStar's most loving sub-contractor and Barbara's present husband.

Barbara Robbins

Beware. She was self-employed as a real estate broker under the name of Peake Realty operating out of Woodland Park. Seemingly unable to make on her own, she was selling real estate for Prudential Real Estate in Woodland Park, Colorado, formerly Hotchkiss Realty. Beware of this person. We would not advise you to purchase anything she is selling. Besides our opinion, we will show you facts and/or documents supporting the following:
  • The contractor's license of Barbara Robbins was suspended by Teller County in 2001 because of a "material misrepresentation of fact" on her license application a 90-day suspension, the first suspension of a contractor's license is a very long time by Teller County.

  • Barbara Robbins breached the implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing in regard to each plaintiff in a case filed against her in Teller County.

  • Barbara Robbins was found to have violated the Colorado Consumer Protection Act in Park County District Court and we were awarded treble damages and attorney fees.

  • Barbara Robbins has knowingly filed fraudulent income tax returns while she was an enrolled agent with the IRS and prepared tax returns for others.

  • Barbara Robbins filed bankruptcy in October 2005 when documents show she received over $335,000 after taxes from her father's estate from 2001 through 2005.

  • Barbara Robbins and NorthStar failed to shut down this website even though they got a preliminary injunction. It was over-turned on appeal where we represented ourselves in court.

  • Bankruptcy Court Denies Attempt By Barbara Robbins to Dump Debts On Wednesday, October 25, 2006, Judge Elizabeth E Brown ruled against Barbara stating that the Court did not find her "testimony credible" and that she had failed to show $128,350 on her Statement Of Financial Affairs and accompanying Schedules. The Order Denying Discharge states that Barb "received at least $270,000 in additional income" in the two ½ years before her bankruptcy filing and that Barbie was "unable to provide (the) Court with a satisfactory explanation regarding the ultimate disposition of the monies received..."

  • Lynn Martinez, the Bankruptcy Trustee who was assigned the case, has filed a Motion To Share Discovery with the Bankruptcy Court. We are under a direct order from the Court not to share any of the documents or specific information obtained in discovery (and there is quite a lot). Ms Martinez wants the documents so she can collect and liquidate "property of the Bankruptcy Estate of Barbara Robbins."

  • On August 20, 2007, the Teller County Sheriff's Department served a Writ of Garnishment on the employer of Barbara Robbins, Prudential Real Estate in Woodland Park. We accepted her offer of settlement which included her signing over to us her Lexus SUV.

  • On August 30, 2007, early in the morning and following an order issued by the Park County District Court, the Teller County Sheriff's Department seized the 1999 Black Lexus belonging to Barbara Robbins. That vehicle was held in the Divide Colorado impound lot awaiting sale scheduled for October 10, 2007. Proceeds, after expenses and exemptions, were go to Karen & Mike to partially satisfy thier judgment. As part of a settlement, the Lexus was signed over to Karen & Mike by Barbara Robbins (now Barbara Asbury) and the Lexus was donated to the Teller County Animal Rescue Shelter (TCRAS) to be sold to help support the no-kill animal shelter.

Douglas Robbins

In our opinion, and that of others, Barbie's Partner In Crime. Nothing we have heard or seen disputes that. We are looking for pictures of Doug Robbins to post. According to our last information, he fled to Greenville, Texas, he conned a woman into marriage and left her with a lot less in assets years later. As of the summer of 2013, Doug was reported as being in Custer, South dakota. perhaps the Austin area, where we assume he is looking for more suckers. More information to come. We are seeking pictures and more information concerning the past practices and the current whereabouts of Dougie-poo.

Kevin Marks

Kevin Marks

In our opinion, Barbie's Second Partner In Crime under the business name of Grand West Financial. We call Kevin Marks the Cowardly Lion because he fled rather than stand and fight. If he wasn't in the wrong, why flee in the middle of the night? His company occupied the entire fifth floor (top floor) of an office building in downtown Colorado Springs. Overnight, he cleaned out the offices and moved, no forwarding address. Also, his neighbors didn't know he was moving until the day the truck pulled up to his home and began cleaning it out. And, the Cowardly Lion appeared at a hearing in Park County to testify on behalf of his sweet crime partner mainly to claim he was afraid of Karen & Mike. We can't see how his wife Kim (and business partner) could not know about and also not be involved in the fraud and deception he inflicted upon a large number of innocent purchasers. Hey Kevin and Kim: do your kids know what crooks you are? We are seeking pictures and more information concerning the whereabouts of Kevin-poo as well. We believe he's in the Las Vegas area or maybe Lake Havasau, Arizona. Approach with caution. He has not had his shots and he bites and scratches.

Kevin Marks'
Alter Ego

Monica Wasden

Owner and operator of Rocky Mountain Construction Lending, in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. The Wicked Witch Of the NorthStar as we are fond of calling her. We are seeking pictures and more information concerning Monica.

We will be adding information about others who have been closely involved with Barbara Robbins and NorthStar.
  • George Asbury, a sub-contract and now Barbie's main squeeze
  • Sherry Beeler, was Barbie's administrative assistant and assistant in-house liar
  • Craig Davis, a saleman for NorthStar who knew what was going down and just wanted his paycheck
  • Steve Hoskins, Grasshopper and assistant to Kevin Marks. Steve Hoskins was very involved in the scams. Sort of on-the-job con artist training?
We are seeking current information about these people was well as pictures to post.

Summit Crap Homes

Summit Crest Homes factors into this tragedy because they were enablers. Their only concern was to protect their bottom line; their profits. The consumer be damned. They had received numerous complaints about NorthStar and did nothing. Our suggestion is that people never, ever, buy a modular home.

It is our opinion that NorthStar, along with the companies named, has been engaged in a pattern of lies, deception, fraud, intimidation, and other unsavory activities. Besides our opinion, we will present to you the stories of others who also feel they have been cheated by NorthStar. Not everyone will have been affected by all of the companies named. The primary common denominator in all of the stories and cases presented is NorthStar Builders. And, the dominating theme throughout these stories is the same: Barbara Robbins is a lair, Kevin Marks of Grand West is a crook, and Monica Wasden of Rocky Mountain was just as guilty as they were and somewhat more than incompetent. Beware: these companies were not honest, who did not abide by their contracts, and were aiding and abetting each other.

Also included will be all of the public records we can locate. These will include any court papers concerning legal actions, past and present, complaints filed with state, county, and city governments, complaints filed with regulatory agencies, and personal background information where relevant.
The truth is an absolute defense. We do not need to do anything else but present the facts. The pattern will become obivious to anyone who reads them.

Grand West Financial, once headquartered in Colorado Springs, and Kevin Marks, who was the CEO, had what we believe was a highly unprofessional, unethical, and an active relationship with NorthStar and Barbara Robbins. Rocky Mountain Construction Lending seems to have a problem maintaining it's fiduciary responsibility to it's clients. Summit Crest Home Builders, a.k.a. Champion Homes, continued to do business with NorthStar Builders despite the numerous complaints and law suits and what looks like a shaky past with NorthStar.

A number of sub-contractors also seem to be involved with NorthStar's unsavory activities. We have been told by more than one individual, that Affordable Excavating, a.k.a. George Asbury, liked to work with NorthStar because he was paid whatever he felt like charging. Or, with the added benefit of sleeping with Barbara Robbins? It is no coincidence that Barbara testified that she was not having an affair with George Asbury and later moved in with him. Was that perjury? We think so. White Water Drilling also seemed to enjoy a close relationship with them as well. Yet, Northstar often used these same sub-contractors as whipping boys. Not only was NorthStar often slow in paying it's sub-contractors, but it regularly used them as excuses for the work not being completed on time. In our case, NorthStar blamed all sorts of delays on White Water Drilling to the point we wondered how a company so ineffective as WWD (according to NorthStar's description) could stay in business.

It is our intention to use public records, word of mouth, and advertising, to locate every possible client who has in the past, or will in the future, employ NorthStar as a general contractor and refer them to this web site. While not everyone who uses NorthStar and friends will encounter the troubles that we and others have, we feel that forewarned provides them with the opportunity to avert the problems others have had. After all, an honest operation would have nothing to fear from a client who is paying close attention to their operation. We have yet to talk to a client of NorthStar's, or of Grand West's, who has had anything good to say about them. We are not surprised.

This site is owned and maintained by Michael Meadors and Karen Dudnikov. We can be contacted at P.O. Box 87, Hartsel, CO 80449 or via email at MikeMeadors@hotmail.com. Please note we are openly displaying contact information and not attempting alleged "character assassination" in an anonymous manner.

We welcome any comments, criticisms, or statements for posting. We are willing to add any reasonable comments, criticisms, or statements, whether pro or con, provided they are submitted in writing when requested. To date, we have not rejected any submission but we also point out we have not received any.

Barbie claims she and some of her stooges have written us letters and we have refused to post them on the web site. This is a lie, but coming from Barbara, what else would we expect? We welcome the chance to post an opposing opinion since the opinions would validate everything we have said. Her friends seem reluctant to put anything in writing. But none have been offered. Perhaps none of the Friends of Babs (a.k.a. FOB) can write with something other than a crayon. None that we have met appear to be very bright even though they are allowed out in public without adult supervision.

We reserve the right to reject anything that we feel is unbelievable, that cannot be supported, or that is not in good taste. While we may edit something for readability we will not alter the content. We do not have to fabricate stories, the truth is in itself damning and conclusive. Some, a few, of the items we present are obviously jokes; the rest is the truth.

Cease And Desist Letters We Have Received!

We have received a number of silly Cease And Desist letters from a variety of not-too-bright lawyers. We say not-too-bright because they either didn't take the time to ascertain the minimum facts before writing or they just didn't care and relied solely on the statements of their clients for information. Maybe it's just us, but if there's a decent-sized website quoting an awful lot of documents and other people, and showing how those different people are linked in what certainly appears to be criminal activity, wouldn't a half-way intelligent person ask the question, "Why are they going after you?" And, before writing a threatening letter, sit down with the client for a reasonable chat about the claims? But they don't! They write their letter and collect their fee. No-too-bright.

The Colorado Court of Appeals unanimously agreed with us that this website constitutes protected speech or press under the First Amendment. Any attorney contemplating sending us a Cease And Desist letter will find we do not scare easily.

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