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Marianne & Bob,
Hartsel, CO

Marianne & Bob bought their home from NorthStar. They did not hire NorthStar as the contractor. Lucky them. They were able to minimize their losses.

Their troubles began early. NorthStar lost their original order. No! Can't be, you say? But, this is standard procedure for NorthStar. But, Marianne & Bob had copies of the original order. "Curses", said Barbara, "foiled again".

Their troubles continued. Several delivery dates were not kept. Then, when the house was supposed to be scheduled for delivery on a Sunday, they were called Saturday and told the house was enroute. They had no one standing by. It was unreasonable and unexpected. The home delivery did not go smoothly. Are we surprised?

Because of snow and ice, and a lack of proper delivery notice so a crew could be ready and waiting, the house was left some distance away by the truckers. Barbara later rented equipment to move the units onto the property and tried to bill Marianne & Bob for the expense. Had she properly notified them of the delivery she wouldn't have had to do this. Marianne & Bob refused to pay the bill.

NorthStar claimed Marianne & Bob were in default of the purchase agreement because they didn't immediately pay for the house in full when it was delivered. Fortunately for them, their construction lender insisted that certain basic steps had to be performed before any monies were paid. Delivery of the house wasn't enough: it had to be set and inspected before the lender would pay.

Marianne & Bob noticed a number of things wrong with the house. The end of the house was painted 3 different colors of brown. Barbara claims that the set crew must have done that, and that it wasn't her responsibility to correct. The set crew? Barbara is claiming the set crew opened 3 different cans of paint, got brushes, and in freezing weather painted the end of the house, because --- they had nothing better to do? Come on, Barbara. You can concoct lies better than that!

Marianne ordered linoleum in the dining area instead of carpeting. She was told "not a problem". When the house arrived, guess what? No linoleum in the dining area. It's been over two months. She gets the standard lie from Sherry Beeler when she calls: "The factory hasn't responded yet". Sherry, I'll bet you haven't spoken to Summit Crest in weeks about their linoleum. NorthStar will never fix this problem. Our guess is that NorthStar failed to tell the factory about the linoleum, or, didn't tell the factory on purpose.

The curtains in the house are the wrong color. The house they saw as a model had an oragami ceiling. The one they received did not. They told Barbara that they were withholding the final payments until the corrections were made. Barbara has liened their property. Barbara has not made the corrections.

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Karen and Mike are willing to give someone the opportunity to rebut anything said on this web site about them.

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"...the website constitutes protected speech or press under the First Amendment."

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