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Summit Crap Homes
Where The Quality Goes Out
Before the Name Goes On!

Summit Crest homes, now affectionately being called Summit Crap by us and others, knew there was something rotten in Florissant but they continued to sell NorthStar modular homes. Summit Crest seems to be caught up in it's unholy alliance with it's home builders and contractors. Somewhat similar to what happens with a car dealership, the home buyer never really understands the actual costs involved or the ordering process, nor does the manufacturer want them to understand. We believe that Summit Crest was aware of the lying and the cheating but chooses to ignore it in favor of profits. There's just no other expanation that makes any sense. Their emails and letters support this.

Summit Crest seemed to be more concerned with protecting it's business than protecting the home buyers. After all, they get their monies from the home sellers, not the home buyers. The home sellers like the arrangement because there is so much potential profit in every home. The upfront commission for the home seller on a modular home has been estimated at 30% to 40%, depending upon the model sold. That means that there is a lot of profit in the 60% to 70% that Summit Crest keeps. We reccomend you not purchase a modular home, like we did. If you want to buy a modular home, we give our reasons why you shouldn't buy a Summit Crap Home.

The unscrupulous home sellers then pad their profits by moving things around. The order form the home buyer sees isn't always the order form that gets sent to the factory, and the factory knows this. Substitutions get made. Substitutions that make money for the home seller at the expense of the home buyer. Some things that are costly options on the home buyer's form are standard equipment on the home seller's form. Summit Crest doesn't require a signed form showing what the home buyer wants. It's only interested in the order form from the home seller. That's where their profit lies.

A number of items that are included with the house suddenly become extras. We were told that the original invoice to the home seller includes the shipping. Yet, the home seller charges for shipping. We were also told that the chassis on which the home is delivered, i.e., the frame, axles, hitch, tongue, tires, are considered part of the house and left at the site upon delivery. If that's the case, where are they? Could it be that it is standard practice to sell these to a scrap dealer and pocket the money? If so, to whom does the money belong? Summit Crest, would you like to answer these questions? You know what's going on.

Another example of what we feel is a conspiracy between Summit Crest and it's dealers is the model homes. Almost every model home we've seen has windows at the ends of the house. The house that gets delivered often does not. Why? Are these windows options? They're not listed as options on the order sheet. We think the home sellers, such as NorthStar, deliberately omit discussing these windows and then order the house without end windows because it's cheaper. This allows the home seller, like NorthStar, to pocket an even larger profit. We also believe that Summit Crest knows about this practice, and others, and prefers to ignore them and therefore not jeapordizing their profits.

Summit Crest tries to play the good guy by coming along after NorthStar and fixing the problems. To one extent, this is commendable. But Summit Crest knee there was a problem with NorthStar and continued to allow NorthStar to represent them. In this way, Summit Crest was actively supporting NorthStar's lying and cheating, and in our opinion, was also guilty of fraudulent business practices.

In our contacts with Summit Crest, they carefully avoided saying anything that could be considered offensive by NorthStar while often repeating the mantra, "NorthStar is a fine company". O.K. We can show you law suit after law suit against NorthStar and Barbara Robbins, all of them lost by NorthStar and Barbara Robbins. Your turn, Summit Crap. Back up your statements!

Based upon our POSH (Piece Of Shit Home), Reasons Not To Buy A Summit Crest Home:

  1. In a Summit Crest Modular Home, there is a seam down the middle of the house, lengthwise, that means you can never have a tile floor and you will have floor squeeks from one end of the house to the other. When we pointed out the squeek in the master bath, the Summit Crest repairman told us to crawl under the house and fix it ourselves.

  2. In a Summit Crest Modular Home, there are continuing cracks along the ceiling where the walls butt up. Why? We can't tell you and neither can Summit Crap. But they return even after thay have been caulked by a Summit Crap repairman, but only after he leaves.

  3. In a Summit Crest Modular Home, the shower drain drops down about 4 inches, goes to the side a few inches, and then back up about 3½ inches, a configuration that makes the shower drain very sluggish and prone to clogging. Read this again: the shower drain drops down about 4 inches, goes to the side a few inches, and then back up about 3½ inches. The plumber looked at it and said it was the damnest thing he had ever seen. Only an idiot would do something like that.

  4. In a Summit Crest Modular Home, the kitchen faucets and bathroom faucets are plastic. They are sliver-toned and look like they are chrome, buy they are plastic, as are the internal fittings, which will break off in your hand after a few years (as did the hot water faucet in the shower). You wanna bet the faucets in every model are real and not toys?

  5. In a Summit Crest Modular Home, the bathroom sinks are plastic and so thin the bathroom lights readily shine through them. You wanna bet the bathroom sinks in every model are real and not toys?

  6. In a Summit Crest Modular Home, the kitchen sink is heavy plastic which you will discover when you drop a knife and it sticks in the sink. The sink is also glued to the counter top so if you try to replace it, as we did, you could end up damaging the counter top prying the sink off. Quality homes have the kitchen sink bolted on. You wanna bet the Kitchen sinks in every model are real and not toys?

  7. In a Summit Crest Modular Home, you will get as standard, the cheapest, most energry-guzzling refrigerator manufactured by Whirlpool. We never realized that Whirlpool manufactured a "Crap Line" of appliances. Based upon this experience, we will never purchase any Whirlpool appliance. We replaced the cheap Whirlpool energry-guzzling refrigerator with a Sears Kenmore refrigerator AND a Sears Kenmore chest freezer; both of which draw less power than the cheap Whirlpool energry-guzzling refrigerator. How can we substantiate this? We are ten miles from the nearest powerline. We run our house on solar power and wind power with a generator backup. We are constantly monitoring our power and usage.

  8. In a Summit Crest Modular Home, you will get as standard, a cheap Whirlpool dishwasher that may fail after a year when only used a few times a month. Our Kenmore replacement from Sears, does a better job drawing much less power.

  9. In a Summit Crest Modular Home, you will get as standard, a cheap furnace that will drain your propane tank in a short time. We replaced the cheap furnace after the first winter with a coal-wood burning stove which paid for itself in one year.

  10. In a Summit Crest Modular Home, the showers do not have cut-off valves. When the shower handle fell off while trying to turn off the water, the water just kept on a-comin', and coming, and coming. There was no access panel so we cut out the wall behind the shower only to find there were no cut-off valves. We had to crawl under the house and turn off the water to the entire house. This creates a major inconvenience to those who want to, say, brush their teeth, cook dinner, wash their hands, go to the bathroom, not to mention (but we will) take a shower. So what? Well, we had to call a plumber to install the cut-off valves so life could return to normal while we got the faucet repaired. Meanwhile, every time we wanted water for some mundane task, we had to crawl under the house to turn on the water, which, while we did our mundae task, spurted proudly and strongly forth from the broken plastic water handle. Did we mention the plastic water handle?

  11. In a Summit Crest Modular Home, you will find the simple act of replacing the broken water handle is not so simple. No hardware store, local or major chain, had anything that resembled the cheap piece of shit water appliance that Summit Crap used in the shower. Our only option was to rip out and replace with new plumbing. And we were led to believe the water appliances, kitchen and bathroom, were Moen. By whom? The dealer and Summit Crap. Moen says that just isn't so. Bad Summit Crap.

  12. In a Summit Crest Modular Home, you may find as we did the Whirlpool stove oven is 50 degrees off. After years of trying to bake, we put a thermometer in the oven to find the dial tempeature 50 degrees more than the actual temperature. No wonder food wasn't getting properly cooked! 50 degrees is not a minor difference.

  13. In a Summit Crest Modular Home, you will find electrical lines in the wall running next to water lines. From what we were told, this is not a good iead. A leaking water line could kill you by shorting out the power and causing a fire. Bad management there, Summit Crap.

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