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Ron McNeel & Family,
Florissant, CO

Ron McNeel is trying to survive on disability income while raising his two sons, Eric age 4 and Nick 6. He is on a very fixed income and is unable to do much to increase it.

On February 27, 2001 he closed on his new home in Florissant. Timewise, he was screwed by NorthStar as have been many others. He contracted for the home sometime around Noevember 2000. He was living in a house in Fairplay. NorthStar told him everything was set for a February 10 closing so he should go ahead and rent out the house in Fairplay. Wrong! He spent over two costly weeks in a motel room. NorthStar blamed his broker. His broker informed him that NorthStar was late in providing necessary information for the financing. The broker couldn't do anything without the paperwork from NorthStar.

It got worse. NorthStar ran tests on the well and told Ron that the water was bacteria free. When they moved in, the hot water was running yellow. So, Ron drained the hot water heater, several times. He called NorthStar and was put off. He was confused. the cold water was clear. Finally, NorthStar called back and told him that the water tested at 2.4% iron and no one was to drink it.

They have to bring in bottled water for drinking. Culligan told him filtering equipment would run him $1800. He can't afford that on a fixed income. Sandy (at NorthStar) admitted to him that Florissant has had water problems for a long time and that it was common knowledge. Common knowledge? What's common here is NorthStar not telling McNeel about the water problems before selling him and his sons a house. Barbara's on the Water & Sanitation Board for Florissant! Another not-so-satisfied NorthStar customer.

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