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Douglas Robbins
Liar, Bully, Scam Artist

Last Updated September 24, 2013

Who Is Douglas Robbins? We're collecting information about him and looking for pictures and more information to post as well. We have a few and we are sharing them with you, As of August 2013 it has been reported that Doug Robbins was last seen hiding out in Custer, South Dakota. Someone should inform the sheriff and also warn the women that in our opinion this man is not to be trusted.

We have been able to gleen some "facts" from the various papers and information passed on to us.

When Barbi's house burned down, in May 1991, we have been told that Doug's first wife offered Barbi, and we assume her kids, shelter until she could get back on her feet. Seems the first marriage of Barbi, to Donald Wells was over. We don't know if the fire was the last straw. But the house fire was out and new fire was to be ignited, or already smoldering.

What did Doug's first wife get in return for her charity towards Barbi? Barbara began sleeping with Doug. Barbi's divorce from Donald Wells was finalized in July 1993 and she and Doug were married some six months later. Way to repay kindness, Barbara Robbins and Doug Robbins. Character always floats to the surface, does it not? We think Barbi gloomed onto Doug because she is one of those old-fashioned gals who just have to have a man anround to protect them. Or to live off of.

Doug is a bully. We know this from the comments of others and personal experience. When we posted information about John and Ann Hart of Cripple Creek (not the John and Annie Hart of Florrisant), Doug got John into his office and told him that if he didn't get his name and story off of our website, he, Doug Robbins and NorthStar, would sue him and cancel his sales agreement and keep the deposit. John called Mike and was in tears on the telephone, voice cracking under the stress, trying to demand their story be removed from the website. Doug didn't have the balls to come after the website himself.

So when did Doug find out abour Barbara and George Asbury? From what we've been told and various statements by Barbi, it looks like their marriage was going downhill before 2001. According to Barbi, she moved out of the house in her name only, after Christmas 2001 (in her under oath statement to the bankruptcy trustee) or the first of February 2002 (in her filing for divorce). She was already publicly cozy with George in the early part of 2001. One version we heard was that Doug Robbins caught them in bed together. Whatever, she inherited some $335,000, after taxes, from the estate of her father, from 2001 to 2004. Once she had her own money, why did she need Douglas?

He was not even willing to physically appear in court to support her during her law suits against this web site. So Barbara Robbins, aided by her attorney's line of questioning, lied in court claiming he was ill when by her own adimission, and knowledge of same by her attorney, the marriage was floundering and they were not getting along. But rather than admit that, they lied in court about him being "ill".

Sometime in 2002, Doug packed it in and moved to Texas. We're not sure where. We first thought it was Austin but it turns out he settled in Greenville, Texas, a few miles northeast of Dallas. And what is he done? Started a ministry and recanted his previous sins? Hardly. Even if he had, we would not believe him. It is surprising what information is available on GOOGLE. It seems that Douglas Robbins has a new enterprise. He is running a small country store that appears to represent itself as being something far more "environmentally freindly" than what is actually is.

On May 5, 2001, we posted an article about Doug's Failing Heath. Barbara lied in court claiming we were saying she was trying poison her husband and she cried, and cried. Read it and see if it sounds like anything other than a jike.

We received an email which led to Was Doug Boffing Sandy? being posted. We do not invent this stuff. We rely on information and facts.


ADDED December 18, 2011
So what is the great bully doing now? It is amazing what one can locate on GOOGLE. We found Doug Robbins operating a business in Greenville, Texas, called MY RANCHER COUNTRY STORE, web site

The above picture is on the web site for Taken with the name, My Rancher, what does this image imply? Cattle on a ranch. Cattle on There is no other reasonable conclusion that can be drawn from the web site name, the presentation and the picture.

Except, are you sitting down, MY RANCHER is nothing more than a small country store sitting on a service road. It is NOT a ranch. There is no ranch nearby. We went to Greenville to see for ourselves. Right across the divided highway is a billboard advertising an "Adult Novelty Shop".

As you approach the store from the Dallas side on the service road, you first encounter this sign. The house in the background is not part of the store which is just on the other side.

This is the view down the fence towards the rear where one would expect to see the "ranch" or the cattle in pasture behind the store. No cattle, no pasture.

This is the service road that goes past the front of the country store. The white you see in the trees just to the right of the service road is the store. To the left of the service road you can see the highway.

This is the country store from the other side front. It certainly does not look as large as the video would make one believe.

This picture shows the field behind the store. Not a pasture full of happy grazing cattle. In fact, that field does not belong to Doug Robbins or the store. Neither does the land on either side of the store. So where, we ask, is MY RANCH?

This picture from the video shows Doug Robbins cutting meat. Really? NOT! We doubt if he gets his hands dirty unless it is really, really necessary. Did we mention he is a bully? Bullies order others about. And often they are nasty in how they treat people. Considering his past at NorthStar where he cheated people, bullied them and lied to them, and then we believe he fled the state to avoid civil prosecution, why would we believe he is running an honest enterprise now? We do not. We do not believe his web site claims about his products. We are guessing he is running a small country store and is embellishing, a whole lot, about the fact it is nothing more than a little country store with high prices. By the time a potential customer finally gets to this store, they probably buy something just so the trip was not a complete waste.

Has Doug Robbins changed? Nah. We think very unlikely. We would not believe anything he has to say or trust anything he tries to sell. We would advise everyone to avoid him and his phony RANCH. In our mind he has done nothing to atone for his crimes in Colorado.

From our sources.

Around 2003-2004, Doug Robbins moved to The Woodlands, Texas and married a woman who was a bioengineer and who came from a long history of ranchers. Wife number three for Doug was just getting over a very horrific divorce and ut appears that Doug took advantage of that. She had decided to move to get away from her abusive ex-husband and cashed out her divorce settlement to buy a ranch in Greenville, TX. It was about 150 acres and we are told that the house was built from scratch. She used her ranch experience and bioengineering experience to design a roadmap to re-seed the pastures with a mix of grass that would create the tastiest beef. Her goal was to raise all natural beef cattle, no antibiotics, fields of high protein grass, high sugar grass, etc, and she rotated the cattle from paddock to paddock which was all fenced off to control their diet more easily. We are told that throughout all of this, Doug came along for the ride. He was a recent divorcee with a what he described as a fat settlement, he was all aboard. Doug sported a brand new Lexus, brand new Harley Davidson, new 4-dr pickup, 1948 Ford he claimed he was going to restore, among other things. It seems that Doug was not shy about treating himself to toys even though throughout the entire third marriage while managing to avoid bringing a penny of income into it. But Doug had LOTS of quick business schemes for his third wife to invest in.

His wife's plan was to take her cattle to Dallas for butchering and sell to restaurants. Doug, who told people that he had owned over 30 businesses, came up with the idea of selling the meat themselves through a small store. His wife named the store My Rancher to fit with her ranch. By the way, the ranch did in fact exist, contrary to what we thought. If you head east on the access road, when you pass the retail store, it is about 3/4 mi, take a right and go another 2 miles. The spread was on the left with an electric gate that had the MR logo welded into the design.

His wife ran the ranch by herself with a part-time hand. Doug spent all day at the store, "marketing" in the cool air conditioning. Our sources were privy to the ins and outs of the cash flow. The store not only ever made a dime, but it seems it was stealing from the ranch. Apparently, it is claimed and we believe it, Doug would pick off a couple of head of cattle when a truck was sent to Dallas for butchering and keep the prime cuts for himself to sell at the store. But because they had two different tax ID numbers, Doug was supposed to be PURCHASING those cattle from the ranch. Instead, it seems Doug was outright stealing and the ranch, on paper, appeared to be suffering. It got frustrating because hours were spent harvesting the garden, tilling the soil and planting the next seasonal crops just to have Doug go home and take the harvest to sell at the store. The ranch would never see a dime for the vegetables that could have sold at the farmer's market.

In late 2010 and early 2011, Doug started acting strange. Well, starnger than he was before. On the books the money had run out. The money he knew about. His wife had gotten suspicious of him and protecting her assets. Doug was very interested in that money but she told him there was nothing left. Doug was turning an 8-hr workday of sitting in what could only be called a palace of an office inside My Rancher. It seems he was "marketing" with his new assistant, Sandy. Does that name rong a bell or two? Sandy was the office manager for Northstar Homes. The same Sandy with whom he was having an affair while he was still married to Barbara.

Greenville is a small town and some people at the feed store were warning his wife that the Sandy woman was passing herself off as being more than just an assistant to Doug. No secret stays a secret in a small town past sunset. Everyone knew. Just like everyone knew what was going on in Florissant, Colorado. But in that instance, Barbara was getting even by having an affair with her present husband, George Asbury.

Doug started wearing tons of bling. It was gaudy and folks were embarrassed for him because they knew he did not have the sense to be embarrassed for himself. Big gold nugget rings on nearly every finger, huge gold rope chains, fancy "used car salesman" button down shirts, big, flashy watch. It is our opinion that when a man wears gaudy accessories it is because he considers himself to be inadequate so he has to impress others with his possessions. Sad really. But that sound like Doug Robbins.

According to our sources, none of which are his third wife, Doug went home one night and went to his manly "bling box" and accused his wife of stealing some pieces of his jewelry. We think he had misplaced his codpiece and was blaming her. Doug took his bling box and stormed out and didn't come back until well after midnight. The bling box was never seen again.

Mostly out of pride and frustration, his third wife did not want to face a 3rd divorce fight. So she let him be the one to choose to leave shortly what we will call The Bling Box Incident. The divorce was finalized around October 2011. Doug no longer had someone to steal his grass fed beef from, so he had to find an outside supplier. His wife kept the land and the house to rent out, but bought a new ranch in Madisonville, TX in early 2012. All of the cattle were moved south and nobody has seen hide nor hair of Doug Robbins ever since.

Except it seems his hide and hair are now stalking the hills of South Dakota. Mothers, hide your daughters, lock your doors and clean that shotgun. Doug Robbins is stalking his next victim. Do not let it be you or one of yours. The hills are alive with scam artists and their leader and idol is Doug Robbins. Doug Robbins had an affair with Barbara, then married to Donald Wells, while married to his first wife. He then married Barbara. Doug Robbins had an affair with Sandy while married to his second wife, Barbara. Doug Robbins had an affiair, or continued the affair, with Sandy while married to his third wife. One, two, three. Is there anything that would remotely lead you to believe that this man would be faithful to any woman, anywhere, at any time?

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