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Judy Bray and sister Charlotte,
Florissant, CO

Judy's parents decided to move to Florissant to be near her. Her sister, Charlotte, who lives in the British West Indies, volunteered to pay for the house since Judy was supplying the land.

In June, 1999, Charlotte flew into Colorado to help select the house. They decided on a home through NorthStar. Judy paid cash for the house. It is in the Colorado Mountain Estates off of Teller County Road 1.

They were told the house would be ready in sixty days. When her parents moved to Colorado in January of 2000, six months later, the house still was not ready. Judy says that Barbara regularly lied to her. When Judy threathened Doug with a lawsuit, he replied, "Go ahead. I've got plenty of liability insurance. And, you won't win anyway."

NorthStar charged them for the telephone poles that carry the electric to the house. But, NorthStar kept the tap rights which really belong to the person who pays for the service. And, after the house went to settlement, NorthStar snuck in and took back the fiberglass steps that were at the doors, saying "they were only on loan".

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