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Robert & Jeannie Seals

Robert & Jeannie owned some land in Guffy and decided to build a house. They used the land as a means of getting the house without a down payment. They were told the house would be ready around June 1, 1999. This was important because Jeannie was pregnant with their second child.

They were also told that the construction costs, not including the house, would be about $28,000. They were also told to go ahead and give notice on the apartment in which they lived. They did. Guess what? The house wasn't ready.

Jeannie had her baby in July 1999. There they were, Robert, Jeannie, their 4 year-old daughter, and their newly arrived infant, all living in a motel room. They eventually moved into the house without a certificate of occupancy.

As their construction loan got close to default, through no fault of theirs, Kevin Marks of Grand West Financial threatened them with forclosure if they didn't go to settlement on the unfinished house. Suddenly, Kevin Marks no longer required a final inspection or a certificate of occupancy, something he earlier had insisted was necessary. This was a typical Kevin Marks attack: threaten someone in a vulnerable position and change the rules to suit whatever Kevin wants.

Robert and Jeannie had no choice but to protect their family and property. They went to settlement. But, by then, the construction costs had grown to $56,000 - double the original estimate! Robert had to do the work required to get the final and the CO. They requested from Grand West the construction documentation that Grand West claims they require, but, guess what? They have yet to see a single scrap of paper.

They did get a little justice when the Teller County Court ruled in their favor concerning the liability of Barbara Robbins and NorthStar. It remains to be seen if they ever collect damages that they are owed.

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