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Bill & Tammy Snow

This story is a little bit different. It doesn't involve our buddies, NorthStar, but just Grand West Financial. And, oddly, the name Kevin Marks doens't come up. But, he's there, in the background. This scam sounds just like his work.

Bill & Tammy came to Colorado from Nebraska. They had some money saved and the had the proceeds from the sale of their home in Nebraska; about $12,000.

Thru Metro Brokers they went looking for a house. Metro steered them towards Grand West. That's where they met Tom Bassett, Loan Officer and all around creep. Since Bill is self employed, documenting income, and re-establishing it, takes time. Tom told them it was no problem. He said they would have their loan in a month. They gave him the money for appraisals and other things, including a deposit.

Two weeks later, Tom Bassett pulled the rug out from under them. He told them they didn't qualify because Bill didn't make the minimum required. But, he knew that before he took their money. Surprise, they forfieted their deposit! However, he did offer them a way out. They could still have the house they so dearly wanted if they could come up with a larger downpayment, say $10,000. Surprise. That's what they had left over from the sale of the house!

Bill & Tammy discovered that Tom Bassett had forged signatures on the FHA loan papers. When they confronted him about the forgeries, Tom Bassett threatened them, saying he would report them to the US Attorney's Office if they disclosed that information.

We have here the typical Grand West pattern. Lie, cheat, steal, and then threaten. We repeat, Kevin Marks, you are a low life and a scum bag.

Bill & Tammy have sought legal advice.

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