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Dave Addis & Family,
Florissant, CO

Dave and his wife were working in Arizona and decided they wanted a summer house in Colorado. They purchased a Summit Crest home from NorthStar sometime around the summer of 1998.

Since they were working in Arizona they really couldn't watch the construction very closely. They had to rely on Barb and Doug to get the job done properly. They also weren't in that much of a hurry since it was to be a summer home. It's a good thing they weren't in a hurry because it was the following summer, 1999, before the modular home was ready. Almost a year.

Dave said that they probably paid more for the home than they should have but he really doesn't know. When they would drop by the offices of NorthStar to get updates, Barb would wave folders and spreadsheets at them and assure them that all was doing well and that they were coming in under budget. He never knew what he was paying for. Guess what? At the end, the job came in over budget. Seems Barbara made some addition errors and the Addis' would have to fork over about $2,700 more than expected. Do we see a pattern here? The excuses were familiar: they had to drill deeper than expected, they had to dig bigger holes, etc. One problem, Barb. How do you make an addition mistake using a spreadsheet? Unless you intended for there to be a mistake.

After settlemnet, with mortgage in hand, they settled into their new summer home. Then they got a call from Greentree Financial who claimed there was another $1,300 due on the loan. The stories never made much sense and Barbara kept promising to get the problem resolved, but, Greentree threatened them with foreclosure and they paid it to protect their home.

Another not-so-satisfied NorthStar customer.

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