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Victims of NorthStar and Their Partners In Crime
As we stated, after reading the information we have provided, we believe you will come to the same conclusion that we have. It is our opinion that NorthStar (run by Doug and Barb Robbins) along with Grand West Financial (run by Kevin and Kim Marks, now hiding somewhere in Arizona or Nevada last we heard) and Rocky Mountain Construction Lending (run by Monica Wasden who lives in Highlands Ranch) engaged in what we characterize as criminal activities by jointly cheating and defrauding unsuspecting home buyers. Summit Crest is what we would characterize as an enabler: they were aware of the problem but took no action, preferring to protect their source of income rather than protect the purchaser.

We managed to locate the names of some fifty customers of NorthStar in Teller County and Park County by searching county real estate records. We tried to contact all of them that we could. In some cases we did not have a good address. Some never responded to our letters. In one case, the persone we called, responded that he "had seen our website and had nothing to say" to us. That response was the only one that had nothing bad to say about NorthStar.

We have been threatened by lawyers representing Grand West Financial, Rocky Mountain Construction Lending, and Summit Crest Homes. We told them to kiss our ass. To date they have not followed through with their threats to sue. NorthStar did take this web site into court and lost on appeal. Kenneth Plotz, the judge who slept through Constitutional Law 101 along with Attorney M James Zendejas, announced he would not seek to remain on the bench about two months after the Colorado Court of Appeals unnanamously reversed his decision to issue an injunction against this web site.

Some of the people we contacted did not want their stories on this web site for different reasons. One was flatly afraid of Doug Robbins. We don't seen why. He never had the balls to confront us directly. Rather, he would threaten people who had talked with us. Doug is a large man who uses his size to intimidate, much in the manner of bullies and cowards.

Most of these sad tales were written in 2001 and 2002 so some of the details may have changed over time.

There are 16 stories here. Ralph and Lynette Woods will be added to this list as soon as we located their paperwork making the count 17 stories.

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