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So much has happened in Teller County that we decided to devote a page just to them. This page lists evertything in chronological order as well as by activity.

~ Teller County Board of Review Hearing ~

  • Posted Aug 20, 2001 The Board of review for Teller County has scheduled a hearing about the complaints received on NorthStar.

  • Posted Sep 26, 2001 Don't forget - Teller County is holding a hearing Wednesday October 3 to decide whether to recind Barbara's License!

  • Posted Oct 3, 2001 Where's the guts, Teller County? Why did you cancel the hearing? How much have you been paid to look the other way?

  • Posted Oct 15, 2001 Teller County admits they made a mistake? They have rescheduled the hearing for November 7 at 2PM.

  • Posted Oct 15, 2001 Is Teller County at fault? Are Teller County officials in the pocket of NorthStar? Our opinion.

  • Posted Nov 5, 2001 The Board of Review is set to rule on whether NorthStar loses it's license in Teller County.

  • Posted Nov 7, 2001 Time to throw a party! The Board of Review voted 3 to 1 to suspend her license.

  • Posted Nov 8, 2001 A contributed comment about the hearing. Great reading.

  • Posted Nov 8, 2001 Additional comments about the hearing.

  • Posted Nov 17, 2001 Have you seen the High Country Trader? Check out the advertisement on the front page!

  • Posted Dec 13, 2001 The official minutes from the Board of Review hearing on November 7, 2001.

  • Posted Dec 13, 2001 Comments about the official minutes from the Board of Review hearing on November 7, 2001. Observations, what was omitted, people.

  • Posted Dec 13, 2001 Who is Ric Radeke and what is his role in all this? Also called Who was that masked man?

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