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Cease & Desist Letters We Have Received

Lawyers seem to love Cease & Desist Letters but they don't seem to put much research into the facts behind them. It seems their primary concern is the billable hour they get for the piece of fiction.

We have received Cease & Desist letters alleging defamation about postings on our website from lawyers representing Grand West Financial, Rocky Mountain Construction, Summit Crest Homes, Re-Bath, De Novo Legal, and Sykel Fabrics, to name a few. We include all of the cease and desist letters here because they are so similar. We also have a Colorado Court of Appeals decision directly concerning our website and how it falls under the First Amendment as protected speech. It seems that Barbara Robbins (now Barbara Asbury) did not like us saying her nickname was "peanut butter legs" and so she sued us for defamation. In the Kangaroo Court proceeding presided over by Judge Kenneth Plotz, Barbara cried on the witness stand and her lawyer, M James Zendejas, suborned perjury from his client. Judge Kenneth Plotz anounced his retirement two weeks after the decision by the Court of Appeals.

If you are a lawyer contemplating sending us a Cease & Desist letter, you should delve deeply into the facts before signing your name to it. Trust us - it will not scare us.


Grand West Financial
Michael E. Hendricks

Letter from Grand West Financial, dated January 27, 2001. Neither Grand West, Kevin Marks, or his lawyer Michael Hendricks, have ever taken the issue to court.

Our First Reply to Grand West and their idiot lawyer, Michael Hendricks, dated March 15, 2001. The reply we received from Michael Hendricks was along the lines of "leave him alone".

Our Second Reply to Grand West and their idiot lawyer, Michael Hendricks, dated March 16, 2001. Unlike Kevin Marks and Michael Hendricks, we did follow-up our threat to take the issue to court, and we won.



Rocky Mountain Construction Lending
Jeffrey W. Ludwig


Letter from Jeffrey W. Ludwig for Rocky Mountain Construction, dated May 31, 2001.

Our 6-page Reply, to Rocky Mountain Construction, dated June 5, 2001. Neither Rocky Mountain, Monica Wasden, or her nitwit lawyer, Jeffery Ludwig, have ever taken the issue to court.


Summit Crest Homes
Beth Morrison Klein
Purvis, Gray & Gordon, LLP

Letter from Beth Morrison Klein for Summit Crest Homes, dated October 12, 2001.

Our Reply, to Summit Crap Homes, dated November 5, 2001. Neither Summit Crest, or their dimwit lawyer, Beth Klein, have ever taken the issue to court.

Colorado Court of Appeals
Barbara Robbins, et al vs Meadors and Dudnikov

On October 9, 2003, the Colorado Court of Appeals unanamously ruled in our favor concerning this website.

In Case 02-CA-1331, Barbara Robbins, et al vs Meadors and Dudnikov, the Colorado Court of Appeals stated:

"(Meadors and Dudnikov) contend that the website constitutes protected speech or press under the First Amendment. We agree."

Sykel Fabrics & Sy Garfinkel

Who is Sykel Fabrics and their moron president, Sy Garkinkel? Sykel markets a variety of fabrics. They don't want their fabrics re-sold on the internet unless the re-seller uses a specific disclaimer and they, Sykel and Sy Garfinkel, hound and threaten re-sellers into complying. But, there is no legal requirement for anyone to comply with the outrageous demands of Sy Garfinkel and we have told him so. We also nomintated him for the Pompous Twit of the Year Award, which we are happy to report, he was the unanamous winner for 2005. We also put Sy and his company on our Trademark Hall of Shame. Sy had his New York lawyer threaten us.

Hey Darren
Kiss This!

Darren Cohen
Reed Smith

Letter from Darren Cohen a lawyer at at Reed Smith, LLC, dated February 25, 2006, on behalf of this client, Sy Garfinkel, the nitwit President of Sykel. We were threatened with an immediate lawsuit if we did not comply by February 28, 2006. Guess what? There has been no lawsuit.


De Novo Legal, LLP
George Rikos, Esq
Law Offices of George Rikos

Letter from George Rikos, Esq,, of San Diego, CA, representing De Novo Legal, LLP (Cyber Cops), member of the Tabberone Trademark & Copyright Abusers' Hall Of Shame, and Pollie Gautsch, whom we call a bottom-feeder, received on March 28, 2008.

Our Response to George Rikos, Esq,, on March 31, 2008. We have no idea why Geoge thought we would stop saying nasty things about Pollie. What we do not understand is why De Nove Legal hired this loser, George Rikos, Esq, when both Maria Johnson, Esq. and Pollie Alisa Gautsch, Esq., are lawyers? Do they consider themselves to be incompetent?


Re-Bath, LLC
David Rosenblum
David Rosenblum & Associates

ReBath never contacted us after we complained to them but they did contact some nimrod, half-baked lawyer, David Rosenblum of David Rosenblum & Associates, P.C., based in some Pennsylvania town called Trevose. lawyer who sent us a threatening letter on January 23, 2007.

We do not know what we said in our response that bothered Davey, but we never heard from him again. We certainly hope we did not upset him.


We also received a cease and desist email from Precious Moments in 2002. They objected to us using their licensed fabrics to make and then sell items. We never heard from them again after we emailed them back pointing out that they had already lost that issue in 1997 in federal court in Precious Moments vs La Infantil, 971 F. Supp. 66 (D.P.R. 1997).

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Karen and Mike are willing to give someone the opportunity to rebut anything said on this web site about them.

We will post that rebuttal, provided it is in good taste, sent it is to us in a format that can be copied, and it addresses the issues. We will not alter the rebuttal unless the content forces us to do so. Karen & Mike are the only ones responsible for the content of this web site. For those who really, really don't like what we say here, consider reading Paragraph I of the Colorado Court of Appeals decision concerning this web site, where the Court stated:

"...the website constitutes protected speech or press under the First Amendment."

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