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4055 Nonchalant Circle South
Colorado Springs, CO 80917

February 27, 2001

Mr. Michael Meadors
Ms. Karen Dudnikov
P.O. Box 87
Hartsel, CO 80449

Re: Grand West Financial, Ltd.

Dear Mr. Meadors and Ms. Dudnikov,

Our firm represents Grand West Financial, Ltd. And have been contacted by our clients regarding a website entitled www.Northstar-Sucks.com

In that website, allegations are made that our client has "been engaged in a pattern of lies, deception, fraud, intimidation and other criminal activities." It is further alleged that our client is engaged in an unprofessional and unethical relations with Northstar Builders. You have claimed credit for the website.

The purpose of this correspondence is to respectfully request that the reference in your website to our clients be removed immediately. The allegations made against our client are not true, but they are, in our opinion, defamatory.

We are unaware whether or not our clients have suffered any damages as a result of the defamatory allegations. If, however, our clients are damaged monetarily in any matter whatsoever, we will be actively seeking recovery from you.

Before this matter escalates any further, it is our suggestion that you immediately contact your attorney with regard to these matters.

Very truly yours,

Michael E. Hendricks.

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