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Kevin Marks is the Cowardly Lion
or, Kevin's going to need lots more mousse with this hairdo!

Kevin Marks and family have flown the coop. Gone. The entire fifth floor offices in downtown Colorado Springs that once were the fancy digs for Grand West Financial have been taken over by an office suites firm on the third floor. No one had any idea he was leaving and no one has any idea to what location he fled. where His home, a.k.a. castle, was also abandoned and alone. His neighbors, to whom we talked, said they had no clue he was leaving until the moving van backed up to the house. His heighbors had no idea where he had gone. We distributed fliers in nearby houses asking any one to contact us with information. The fliers had our names, telephone number and address on them.

Rather than stand tall and take on all of his medicine for being a bad boy, Kevin had decided to flee and take his chances elsewhere so he could culivate a new crop of unsuspecting victims. Elsewhere is a community outside the legal confines of Colorado. Kevin is not fleeing criminal prosecution, but rather fleeing civil prosecution. The authorities will not arrest him for fleeing. Being a coward is not agianst the law.

We feel that besides Kevin being a scumbag, a liar, and a cheat, Kevin has proudly joined the ranks of Coward, 1st Class. Thank you, Kevin, for validating everything we have said about you. Those who had had business dealings with you already knew what a low-life you are. You have now confirmed it to the world. Alas, you have left behind Barbara and Monica to face Colorado justice alone. What a man! Running off to let the women defend themselves. Congratulations, Kim. You have got a real keeper there.

We have received reports that Kevin has altered his appearance to make it more difficult to locate him. To the left is a picture of Kevin in his office before his flight. To the right is an artist's redition of what we think his new disguise looks like.

We have received a more recent picture of Kevin, circa 2010. We were hoping that the next picture of Kevin Marks we saw would include a serial number under his chin and would hace front and side views. Alas, he has not been arrested that we know of. Dang.

It seems he is in Montana bothering old friends and making new enemies. Not surprisingly, it appears that Kim has not gone to Montana with him.

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Karen and Mike are willing to give someone the opportunity to rebut anything said on this web site about them.

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"...the website constitutes protected speech or press under the First Amendment."

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