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Alex Naredo & Rick Thomas,
Jefferson, CO

Alex & Rick have a long and very unhappy tale to tell. They bought a home from NorthStar. The home is located in Cumo, near Jefferson.

The story is contained in documents listed below. They have filed complaints with a number of regulatory agencies, including the Park County Building & Zoning Department, Teller County Building Department, Colorado Attorney General, etc. Some of these letters are posted below. On February 12, 2000, NorthStar's responses are also posted below.

  • Response to Colorado Office of the Attorney General, January 10, 2000, from Barbara Robbins representing NorthStar. A formal complaint was filed with the Attorney General against NorthStar. In this letter, Barbara Robbins weaves an interesting web of lies. Notice how she sucks up to the officials to whom she writes. The ending is laced with sweetness that isn't really there. Her claims are refuted by other documents on file as well as the court decision in Teller County against her on this job.

  • Letter to Park County, February 4, 2000. A formal complaint against NorthStar. In this lengthy letter, covering from March 1999 thru to February, 2000, Alex details the trials and problems he and Rick went thru after they bought their house from NorthStar. This letter was sent to the Park County Building & Zoning Department.

  • Response to Park County, February 12, 2000, from Barbara Robbins representing NorthStar. The original is 5 pages long. Point by point she attempts to refute the charges made by Alex and Rick. She refers to her 30 'contractor related' issues and their 14 'personal' issues in her rebuttal.

  • Response to Teller County, February 20, 2000, from Barbara Robbins representing NorthStar. Their complaint to Teller County was almost identical to the one filed in Park County. Her rebuttal letter is vicious and nasty.

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