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Monica Wasden

Rocky Mountain Construction Lending
3081 W White Oak Trail
Highlands Ranch CO 80129

Wicked Witch
of the NorthStar

Page posted March 2011

Page Last Updated July 2 2016

Rocky Mountain Construction Lending's name has popped up regularly along with Grand West Financial and Northstar's. There is a pattern of involvement that Rocky Mountain's President, Monica Wasden, denies. But, it's there. Of the 19 names we have obtained from the Teller County Records, 16 of them involve Rocky Mountain Construction Lending. That's no accident. Monica Wasden was in bed with Kevin Marks and Barbara Robbins (now, there's a picture no one wants to see).

Yikes!!! The Wicked Witch is running for County Commissioner in Douglas County??

There is a lot we could say but we think these pages tell us all we need to know about Monica Wasden. We seriously doubt she has changed her ways. Once a witch, always a witch. She never showed any remorse for what we regard as predatory activities.

In our opinion, a vote for her is a wasted vote. In fairness, which we believe she never had, here is the link to her political web site: (cut and paste link) But, we would never vote for her.

Our Version of Her Logo

We Have Been Threatened!! Dirty Politics?

We received an email from an anonymous party who accused us of "stalking" Monaca Wasden and who threatened to report us for using her logo without her permission. We were so-o-o-o frightened. The anonymous person, using "monacomc" and an AOL email account, was up late Tuesday night, June 28,2016 because the email was sent around 11:05 PM, using their Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

It seems their smartphone is smarter then they are. We were told to "take it [the logo] down before there is legal action taken". Monica, you need to get your people under control. In response to the demand, we have posted modified versions of Monica's logo that we think better conveys our opinion of her candidacy.

Read about Monica Has A Cow, how Monica tried to improperly forclose on Rui Haggen after Monica allowed excessive construction overruns. Click Here for details.

One other party with whom we have spoken claims Rocky Mountain tried to overcharge them. This is consistent with the manner in which Rocky Mountain handled the Woods' loan close. We were told that in another loan, Rocky Mountain Construction Lending dropped some $3,000.00 in additional late charges when it was pointed out that the reasons for the delays were the fault of NorthStar and Grand West, a common occurrance.

The Woods, feeling that Grand West was being less than honest, paid off the construction loan directly. Monica Wasden dragged out the final transfer of title the full 90 days allowed under law, all the time claiming she was due an additional days interest on the loan because the final payoff wasn't received before noon. The final payoff was received before the banking close of business but Monica seems to have different rules. She ultimately dropped that claim.

Rocky Mountain's contracts indicate that Rocky Mountain, a.k.a., Monica Wasden, verify all work before paying any construction draws. The contracts also stipulate to the contractor, that upon request, the contractor will provide verification of any costs, including bills, receipts, checks paid, etc. Yet, it seems Monica herself never requests these same items. She has some phantom "inspector", much like Grand West has, who personally verifies that the physical work has been done. Eyeballing work is not the same as verifying the actual costs involved. Based upon telephone conversations and written correspondence with Rocky Mountain Construction Lending, we are unaware of any case where she has actually demanded documentation of any building expenses before releasing the funds. In fact, she has admitted to us to paying overages because "there was money left over in the account". That hardly qualifies as exercising one's fiduciary responsibilities under the law. Monica, we look forward to seeing you and your "inspector" on the witness stand when we see you in court.

What came out later, after we first wrote the preceeding paragraph, is that Monica's inspector was none other than Steve Hoskins, the construction loan manager for Grand West Financial. Monica, can you whisper conflict of interest while we shout you lying witch?

A check of the Teller County records disclosed 19 NorthStar cutomers on file for the two years or so. These records only show those customers who financed their purchses. Those who paid cash are not listed. Of the 19 NorthStar customers, Rocky Mountain Construction Lending's name occured 16 times. The 3 times it did not appear date to the early part of 1999. All others since then have been RMCL. Recently, Rocky Mountain Construction Lending has either lent money to NorthStar directly or financed at least 3 of NorthStar's building projects; over $300,000 worth. Maybe this explains Monica'a willingness to accept NorthStar's word over the required documentation during construction.

Rocky Mountain has been sued by former customers. Don't get too comfortable, Monica. More will be coming. Especially when you treat people the way you treated Rui Haagen.

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