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~ ~ Monica Has A Cow ~ ~

~ The Wicked Witch of the NorthStar ~

Hear Her Cackle; She Is Crone.

Page posted Saturday, May 28, 2011

Page Last Updated July 2 2016

Looks like Monica Wasden is working on a large herd as she just had another cow. She has threatened Rui Haagen with foreclosure and eviction because Rui has occupied the house. Rui's attorney, Tony Johnson, basically told Monica to stuff it in her ear.

We find it amazing how Monica can flagrantly overlook the contractual abuses by NorthStar and Grand West and be so adamant when it comes to the homebuyer. Not only has NorthStar failed to abide by any reasonable time frame in the construction of this property, but NorthStar has, as is its custom, run some $20,000 over contract!

Monica, in her narrow mindedness, lists the $20,000 overrun on her cost sheet as subordinated to NorthStar. Monica acknowledges the $20,000 exists but she refuses to acknowledge that it's a contractual overrun in her listing. She even stated in a letter that the project had come in almost at the original estimated figure. Hello? Monica, what are you smoking? Are you that stupid that you think we can't see that you are so far in NorthStar's pocket that your greed and corruption is flagrantly obvious?

The simple fact that Monica has the $20,000 on her cost sheet as subordinated to NorthStar, and then to say the project is not running over, is as good as an admission of guilt. She readily accepts whatever she's told by NorthStar and Grand West without bothering to confirm facts. Her actions show she is trying to protect NorthStar and the contract be damned.

Does Kevin Marks and Barbara Robbins have pictures of a compromised Monica in a safety deposit box somewhere? Not that we personally would ever want to see them, but why else would she be so stupid?

For more on Monica Wasden and what we consider to be her dishonest activities using Rocky Mountain Construction Lending, Click Here. After reading the many pages about NorthStar, Grand West Financial and Rocky Mountain Construction, we think that you will agree with our opinion that they were involved in what could be best described as criminal extortion.

FYI - Monaca Wasden claimed all contract work was confirmed by her inspector while she failed to inform people that her inspector was also a manager employee for Kevin Marks at Grand West. Can we say, "Conflict Of Interest?" And Monica Wasden approved cost overruns that by contract required justification and special approval. The special approval was more money for an inept contractor, NorthStar.

As a later FYI circa 2016, Kevin Marks of Grand West routinely funneled building contracts to Monica Wasden, for which he received a nice commission and she received interest on her loan. Kevin Marks fled the state to avoid civil lawsuits filed in Teller County. He first hid in Arizona and then up north somewhere. Likewise, Doug Robbins of NorthStar fled to Texas where it is claimed he bilked his next wife of a lot of money before fleeing to another state.

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