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Who Steve Hoskins?
We call him Grasshopper

Steve Hoskins once was the Construction Loan Manager for Grand West Financial and his mentor, Kevin Marks. Grasshopper has learned well at the hands of his unscrupulous mentor, Kevin "the Coward" Marks.

He was present at our schedlued closing December 29, 2000, and was one of those who appeared to prefer going home for the upcoming three-day New Years weekend instead of staying and closing. A closing that was delayed by Barbara Robbins, a croney of Steve Hoskins, because she didn't have the pump wired for electricity (Silly us - we wanted running water in our new home).

We received a fax signed by him, dated January 10, 2001. He was pretending to be ignorant of the facts, or, as we suspect, he was lying through his ass, trumpeting the company line according to his mentor, The Cowardly Lion. In our response to Steve Hoskins, we pointed out his rather glaring inconsistencies.

Alas, poor Steve Hoskins was left high and dry when his mentor, Kevin Marks, folded his tent and slipped away in the darkness to avoid the many civil suits that were mounting against NorthStar and Grand West.

But Grasshopper learned well. He was soon working for another company, and we assume, scamming unsuspecting customers for NorthStar and others.

But it gets better. It seems Steve Hoskins was the "inspector" used by Monica Wasden of Rocky Mountain Construction Lending. Seems he "worked" under the company name of Viking and "did inspections" for Monica as well as Grand West. Can you say conflict of interest? Talk about being in bed together.

Steve Hoskins was soon working for Olympia Funding. Based upon his past, we would not ever do business with Olympia Funding. We would never do business with a company who hired Steve Hoskins even if it were to just empty bed pans.

We are seeking more information about Steve Hoskins, as well as pictures.

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