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Troy Nelson & Family

Florissant is a hotbed of NorthStar activity. Seems most of the victims end up either in or near Florissant. Lets hope most of them end up upwind of NorthStar. NorthStar's gone beyond rotten, it's putrid.

213 Circle Drive in Florissant is a house owned by NorthStar. In 1998, Troy Nelson and his wife wanted a home in the area. They were doing a bit of travelling doing arts & crafts. That's how they ended up in the clutches of NorthStar. They were nearby selling their wares.

Kent Martin worked for NorthStar. Seems he was a sales agent. Seems he also has an ethics problem. He showed Troy and his wife the house at 213 Circle Dr. Kent Martin wrote the contract that Troy and his wife later signed. When questioned later about what actually happened, Kent Martin developed amnesia. Working at NorthStar seems to adversly affect the memory function. Ask Craig Davis who still works there. He has the same problem. (FYI ~ Kent's wife Debbie was contacted for comment and did not return the call. She works for Merit Real Estate in Woodland Park.)

Troy and his wife put a $4,000 deposit on the house with the intention to buy. They had a one-year lease with option. They moved into the house in January 1998. What they didn't realize was the clause that Kent Martin put into their contract. If the deal failed to go thru for any reason the would lose the deposit. Guess what? The house failed the FHA home inspection for, among other things, the foundation which wasn't setup properly. Seems to be a NorthStar weakness.

During this time, Troy did some signs for Doug. He received half, or $600.00 up front. Among the signs he did for NorthStar was the large one for the model home next to the Total Gas Station. As is their practice, NorthStar was slow paying the bill. When Doug wanted more signs done, Troy stood his ground an insisted on being paid for the outstanding invoice. Doug literally threw a tantrum. Yelling and throwing things, he told Barbara to write a check to Troy and then to throw him out of the office. Doug then told Troy that if he ever again doubted his integrity, Doug would have Troy's legs broken. Hey Doug, we don't doubt your integrity; we don't think you have any!

Sadly, but predictibly, Troy and his family had to abandon their hopes for their new home, as well as their deposit. They checked with a lawyer but found that it would cost them more in legal fees to recover the deposit than the amount of the deposit. That's one of the things upon which NorthStar and the dynamic duo, Douglas Everett and Barbara Ann, rely. Most victims can't afford the time and money to get justice.

They have sought legal advice.

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