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Martin Sloan

Martin Sloan lives in the Littleton area. He decided he wanted something in Guffy where he could relax for the weekend. He's one of the luckier victims, if there is any such thing. But, he describes his situation with NorthStar as a total debacle. Fortunately, he resisted their attempts to get him to finance the project.

Martin originally contracted with NorthStar for a modular and then changed his mind. He wanted a stick built. NorthStar got Woods Construction to build it. Or, start to build it. Woods Construction got frustrated at NorthStar's lack of scheduling and failure to pull permits in a timely manner. Seems NorthStar wanted Woods Construction to do work before the necessary permits were in hand, if they were ever going to be in hand. Woods Construction walked off the job in frustration.

At first, Martin wasn't sure what happened. Woods Construction didn't return calls. When finally cornered, Woods Construction told him why. Their leaving didn't bother Martin that much because it seemed that most of their work was sloppy or incorrectly done.

Martin now has a competent contractor running the job. When he fired Barbara, she responded in writing, accusing him of dumping NorthStar because he found someone cheaper. No, Barbara. He found someone reliable.

Martin feels that NorthStar really was only interested in the contract to install his septic. He belives they wanted to subcontract it out to Sherry Beeler's husband and to see where they might have been able to overcharge him as the opportunity arised. Beyond that, they were not interested in working for him. The septic system was installed satasfactorily, but he was overcharged.

He also feels he's lucky as he seems to have been only swindled out of four thousand dollars. Considering, among other things, the septic system cost and Barbra's claimed visits to the site, he feels that he was fleeced for between $2000-$4000 dollars. For instance, Barbra claimed to have visited the site six times in order to keep $1200 of his money. She visited the site once with him and he seriously doubts there were any other visits. When he confronted Doug and Barbara, he says it seemed like they flaunted their swindle. They're so arrogant that they don't bother to hide it anymore.

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