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George Unloading His Baby
George Asbury
~ ~ Affordable Excavation ~ ~

George Asbury qualified as Barbara's pet contractor. She paid whatever he billed, or so we're told. That seemed to insure his faithfulness and undying devotion. The way he was following her around Fairplay, makes us wonder. His tongue was hanging out and he was just so happy to do her bidding. Nice puppy.

What do we know about George. First, unlike many contractors, he generally does not leave his equipment on site. He won't leave his baby alone on a job site. He totes it back and forth. This by itself isn't significant. What makes it significant is that he charges for each time he takes his equipment to the job site. Even remote job sites. That's excessive. Did Barbi care? Not one bit. Why? He became her main squeeze (rember George, pythons squeeze their prey before engulfing).

George Asbury publicly stated in Fairplay at the Park County hearing that he was a licensed general contractor. Not willing to believe him, we being unwilling to trust babs or any of her close friends, we checked the Teller County files and found, gasp, that he told the truth. He holds contractor licenses as a general, for septic, and a couple of others. But, as we have seen in the case of Barbara Robbins, having a contractor's license doesn't mean the person is honest nor does it mean they are competent.

At our place, we had a geological abnormality that we fondly dubbed George's Gorge. It's a sink hole that formed after the snow melted. A deep sink hole that was in the very area that George, a.k.a. Affordable Excavation, backfilled and graded. Backfilled and graded but didn't bother to compact in any manner. Perhaps that was because most of the excavation dirt was gone? We have no idea why. We told NorthStar just to spread it out on the ground instead of hauling it away. He charges a lot for what we feel was a piss poor job of backfill and grading. That hole was over 3 feet deep when we began filling it ourselves. The picture doesn't show the depth too well.

George did work on John and Ann Hart's home in Florissant earning him a new nickname . He has other nicknames we won't mention here.

George's Gorge

We heard that George worked exclusively for NorthStar. We don't know how true this was. But, a check of the area's yellow pages and business listing in 2002 shows that Affordable Excavation is not listed. Was this be because he did get all, if not most, of his work from NorthStar? If that's the case, perhaps what folks are saying about him is really true. Hey, George? How are you going to pay the bills now that NorthStar's business gone? Tender smiles won't impress your creditors.

Say, maybe he doesn't really have to work anymore? After all, Barbara left Doug to live with Goerge. Seems that at the District Court Hearing on February 19, 2002, on the stand and under oath, Barbara firmly stated she was not having an affair with George, somehow neglecting to tell the court she had already left Doug, and would later in the year move in with him. Could she have LIED to the court? Say it isn't so, Barbie. Tell us you didn't willfully commit PERJURY!

A number of times in the Bankruptcy filings, we referred to George as her "boyfriend", something she did not deny while trying to convince the Bankruptcy Court she was paying George almost $900 a month in rent and maintenance because George was a legitimate landlord Plus she's buying the groceries? George, if she's paying you $30 plus a night to sleep with you, we suppose that makes you some stud.

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