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Barbara Robbins
Who Is This Woman?

Can you say B-I-T-C-H?

In our opinion, a pathalogical liar, a cheat, a thief, a really bad building contractor, and some one who has foot-in-mouth disease.

How can you tell when Barbara Robbins (now Barbara Asbury) is lying?
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Barbara Robbins
(a.k.a. Barbara Asbury)

Beware. She was self-employed as a real estate broker under the name of Peak Realty operating out of Woodland Park. Seemingly unable to make on her own, she is presently selling real estate for Prudential Real Estate in Woodland Park, Colorado. Beware of this person. We would not advise you to purchase anything she is selling. Besides our opinion, we will show you facts and/or documents supporting the following:
  • The contractor's license of Barbara Robbins (now Barbara Asbury) was suspended by Teller County in 2001 because of a "material misrepresentation of fact" on her license application a 90-day suspension, the first suspension of a contractor's license is a very long time by Teller County.

  • Barbara Robbins (now Barbara Asbury) breached the implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing in regard to each plaintiff in a case filed against her in Teller County.

  • Barbara Robbins (now Barbara Asbury), at her hearing for a preliminary injunction against this web site, in early 2002, lied on the witness stand, when she claimed her husband, Douglas Robbins, could not attend the hearing because of health issues. Her attorney, M James Zendejas, Esq., had sent her a letter in the previous summer lamenting the fact that because of their marital problems he could no longer represent both of them. We acquired a copy of that letter when Zendejas filed papers with the Colorado Court Of Appeals. A representation fact not disclosed when Zendejas inquired about the absence of Doug Robbins. He knew Barbara would answer the question in the manner that she did, and that was suborning perjury by a lawyer and was perjury by Barbara Robbins. Zendejas also failed to inform the court, and us, that he was no longer able to represent Doug Robbins because the two of them were in the process of splitting up.

  • Barbara Robbins (now Barbara Asbury) was found to have violated the Colorado Consumer Protection Act in Park County District Court and we were awarded treble damages and attorney fees.

  • Barbara Robbins (now Barbara Asbury) has knowingly filed fraudulent income tax returns while she was an enrolled agent with the IRS and prepared ax returns for others for a fee

  • Barbara Robbins (now Barbara Asbury) filed bankruptcy in October 2005 when documents show she received over $345,000 after taxes from her father's estate from 2001 through 2005. And this woman represents herself as a financial planner to prospective clients? She spends money like tomorrow will never come.

  • Barbara Robbins (now Barbara Asbury) and NorthStar failed to shut down this website even though they got a preliminary injunction, it was over-turned on appeal where we represented ourselves in court. The Court agreed with all of our arguments.

  • Bankruptcy Court Denies Attempt By Barbara Robbins (now Barbara Asbury) to Dump Debts On Wednesday, October 25, 2006, Judge Elizabeth E Brown ruled against Barbara stating that the Court did not find her "testimony credible" and that she had failed to show $128,350 on her Statement Of Financial Affairs and accompanying Schedules. The Order Denying Discharge states that Barb "received at least $270,000 in additional income" in the two ½ years before her bankruptcy filing and that Barbie was "unable to provide (the) Court with a satisfactory explanation regarding the ultimate disposition of the monies received...". A polite way for the court to say Barbi lied, and lied and lied some more.

  • Lynn Martinez, the Bankruptcy Trustee who was assigned the bankruptcy case, filed a Motion To Share Discovery with the Bankruptcy Court. We are under a direct order from the Court not to share any of the documents or specific information obtained in discovery (and there is quite a lot). Ms Martinez wants the documents so she can collect and liquidate "property of the Bankruptcy Estate of Barbara Robbins" (now Barbara Asbury).

  • There were quite a few lies in the court papers Barbara Robbins (now Barbara Asbury) filed on March 1, 2004, trying to block the NorthStar debt being assign to her individually. Read her Motion To Deny Judgment and her supporting Memorandum. We have annotated both with our comments.

  • On January 17, 2007, Barbara Robbins (now Barbara Asbury) again lied to the court when she filed a Motion To Vacate Default And Default Judgment with Park Couty District Court. We point out her lies in our Response To Motion To Vacate Default And Default Judgment. We think the court may have not considered this seriously since her filing was so obviosly frivolous. Finally, June 29, five months later, Judge Charles M. Barton issued his Order, effectively slapping her down. We did particularly like his comment that her claim "lacked candor", a polite way of saying she was being less than honest (lying).

  • On August 20, 2007, the Teller County Sheriff's Department served a Writ of Garnishment on the employer of Barbara Robbins (now Barbara Asbury), Prudential Real Estate in Woodland Park. We eventually settled the issue by accepting her offer of settlement.

  • On August 30, 2007, early in the morning and following an order issued by the Park County District Court, the Teller County Sheriff's Department seized the 1999 Black Lexus belonging to Barbara Robbins (now Barbara Asbury). That vehicle was in the Divide Colorado impound lot awaiting sale scheduled for October 10, 2007. Proceeds, after expenses and exemptions, go to Karen & Mike to partially satisfy thier judgment. We settled with Babs, accepting her signing over the vehicle to satisfy the lien against her. She tried to get this web site included in the settlement but we refused.

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Karen and Mike are willing to give someone the opportunity to rebut anything said on this web site about them.

We will post that rebuttal, provided it is in good taste, sent it is to us in a format that can be copied, and it addresses the issues. We will not alter the rebuttal unless the content forces us to do so. Karen & Mike are the only ones responsible for the content of this web site. For those who really, really don't like what we say here, consider reading Paragraph I of the Colorado Court of Appeals decision concerning this web site, where the Court stated:

"...the website constitutes protected speech or press under the First Amendment."

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