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~ Sherry Beeler ~

Sherry Beeler, affectionately known as Barbara's right-hand liar, is no longer employed by NorthStar. This seems to have happened the middle of April, 2002.

Sherry will be fondly remembered for her trademark method of lying. It was a work of art. It took place while the victim, we mean customer, sat in her office. She would sweetly tell them she was calling the county, or the factory, immediately and would get the problem resolved then and there. She would pick up the phone and call. And have a conversation. And tell the victim, er customer, what they wanted to hear. What they didn't hear, was the conversation at the other end. Often, it wasn't who she claimed. It could have been the weather report. She carried on a convincing conversation that was one-sided. If this were ever made into an olympic event, Sherry would be a shoo-in for the gold medal in Telephone Lying.

Was her leaving voluntary or did she get canned? We know that she was looking for a job last November. She had applied for work with Teller County but was turned down. We don't think Barbara was aware of this.

Was she fired? If so, for what? She couldn't have been fired for being incompetent; that was a job requirement. She couldn't have been fired for lying; that also was a job requirement. Ah, perhaps a layoff? After all, NorthStar is selling off it's land inventory and model homes. The next step in cutting costs is getting rid of dead wood. Whoops! That means Craig is next!

Hey, Sherry. Give us a call. We'd love to chat. You do realize that you are going to be blamed for everything now? It's alreay started. Barb told Marianne she had no idea what you had done. And the names she called you! This is a family site so we won't repeat them.

Let's all hope Sherry's new job gives her liberal leave so she gets paid for the time she will be sitting in court. Oh, Sherry, save some money for an attorney. Since you no longer work for NorthStar we're sure you won't want their lawyer defending you.

Our main problem with Sherry is that she was a willing participant in the lying and cheating of the victims. Like Craig Davis, she knew what was going on. Like Craig Davis, she did not leave until things got really bad. Like Craig Davis, she left the sinking NorthStar ship when it became obvious it was sinking.

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