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This web site is NOT about NorthStar Homes in Loveland, Colorado.
Their web site is http://www.northstar-homes.com.

NorthStar Builders
NorthStar Companies International, LLC
Florissant, Colorado 80816
Office: 719-748-8000 ~ Fax: 719-748-0190 ~ Toll Free: 1-800-996-1653

Officially OUT OF BUSINESS as of June, 2003

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We Found Him!
Doug Robbins!

In Greenville, Texas. Running what we believe is another scam. That is, after he ran away from scamming people in Colorado. Weel he was in Greenville, Texas. Seems he conned another woman into marriage, spent her money, divorced, and is now hiding in South Dakota seeking his next victim. .

In our opinion, Douglas Robbins is a bully, a con artist and a liar. Just like his second wife, Barbara Robbins (now Barbara Asbury). Click here fo rmore Douglas Robbins.

The Beady-Eyed Weasel Strikes!

We've neen given some really good informations from the Beady-Eyed Weasel, a.k.a. Toby Bolander. Copies of public records from Teller County and the City of Victor about NorthStar and what a bad, bad thing NorthStar was doing. Click Here for details.

Doug's Lookin' Poorly?
We've been told Doug's looked better. Doug, could the strain be getting to you? Click Here for details.

About NorthStar
Who they say they are, who works there, and some of the things we've found out about them.
Click Here for details.

Barbara Ann Robbins Gets A $300,000 Mortgage!
On a house that's only valued at a $200,000!
From Grand West!
Without her husband's signature! How, you ask?
Click Here for details.

Complaints Against NorthStar!
Barbara complains that people are lying about her and NorthStar. Read those lies for yourself. Click Here for details.

~ ~ Hey, Doug? ~ ~
Are you going to try and hide in Alaska?
As a point of interest, Doug Robbins is known to have a temper. He is also known to be a bully. He likes to intimidate people. He recently threatened a couple who had given us some information about their dealings with NorthStar. He told them if they didn't immediately have their name removed from this web site, he would sue them for one and a half million. What we find interesting, and compelling, is that he has yet to say anything thing to us about the web site.

What's that matter, Doug? Do you only threaten and intimidate sick women, 67-year-old men who've have too much to drink, and couples that you feel you have an advantage over? Or, has your attorney warned you that if you try and sue us that you can't possibly win? Everything we've put on this web site is the truth and you and your wife know it. That's why you can't threaten us and that's why you can't intimidate us.

~ ~ Temper, Temper ~ ~
We been told that Doug Robbins has lost his cool with several employees and sub-contractors when they've kidded him about this web site. Tch, tch, Doug. Would you like someone telling you that you have no business looking at some web site?

Also, what's with the Ockerts, Doug? You've displayed two pictures of "happy customers", one of which works for you! What are folks to think? That you can't come up with legitimate "satisfied customers"? That's what we think. As of April 29, we still have not talked to a single "satisfied customer".

Where are they, Doug?

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Karen and Mike are willing to give someone the opportunity to rebut anything said on this web site about them.

We will post that rebuttal, provided it is in good taste, sent it is to us in a format that can be copied, and it addresses the issues. We will not alter the rebuttal unless the content forces us to do so. Karen & Mike are the only ones responsible for the content of this web site. For those who really, really don't like what we say here, consider reading Paragraph I of the Colorado Court of Appeals decision concerning this web site, where the Court stated:

"...the website constitutes protected speech or press under the First Amendment."

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