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This web site is NOT about NorthStar Homes in Loveland, Colorado.
Their web site is http://www.northstar-homes.com.

NorthStar Builders
NorthStar Companies International, LLC
Florissant, Colorado 80816
Office: 719-748-8000 ~ Fax: 719-748-0190 ~ Toll Free: 1-800-996-1653

Officially OUT OF BUSINESS as of June, 2003

NorthStar Builders was listed as a Limited Liability Company (LLC) that was owned and operated by Barbara Ann Robbins (now Barbara Ann Asbury) and Douglas Everett Robbins. It wass headquartered in Florissant, Colorado. The county of residence was Teller County but they did work in all of the surrounding counties.

NorthStar Design & Construction is not, nor has it ever been, incorporated. Yet, LLC appears on all of their stationary, business cards, etc.

Actually, NorthStar appears to have been about a dozen different companies, all of which were NOT incorporated. That seems to be an unusually large number of divisions for a company as small as they were. If their intent was to confuse and confound folks with the array of names, they succeeded. If their intent was to make it difficult to figure out what was really going on, they also succeeded. Personally, we wonder why so many companies? Does a legal operation of this size really need so many identities? Are we really looking at a complicated shuffling of assets and personnel as to confound potential lawsuits?

The parent corporation appeared to be NorthStar Companies International, LLC. Subsidiaries include: NorthStar Home Sales; NorthStar Home Center; NorthStar Design & Construction, LLC; NorthStar Management & Internal Control, LLC; NorthStar Realty & Development; and Price Point Housing Alliance, a division of NorthStar Companies.

At one time the appears to have been a NorthStar Steel Buildings as well. The International Headquarters of NorthStar is in Florissant, Colorado.

We know that Doug and Barbara Robbins (now Barbara Asbury) were once the principles in a company called Robbins, Thomas, & Aye. The partners, Richard Thomas and Peggy Aye, and the Robbins' worked out of P.O.Box 4277, Woodland Park. This was in 1996. We're still looking into what they actually did.

At one time Barb and Doug worked for Blue Rose as a sub-contractor. After some unsavory business practices by the Robbins', Blue Rose severed the business relationship. The cost to Blue Rose seems to have been acquiring the bad debt left by the Robbins'. There also seems to be some legal actions concerning what happened but the details have not come forth. The Robbins' continue to spread the story that Blue Rose was at fault when all indications are that is was more shady dealings by NorthStar.

They now have their own operation selling and building homes. Their staff included Craig Davis and Sherry Beeler. Craig was a "Sales Consultant" and later a "Broker Associate" and a "Land Home Specialist". Craig seems to suffer from convenient memory lapses. Sherry was an "Executive Assistant". They both jumped ship before NorthStar went under.

NorthStar maintained a decent inventory of sample homes and their offices were impressive. They put on a good show. But then, all good con artists put on a good show.

They are con artists. They represented themselves to be competent and honest home builders and contractors. Competent? They regularly 'lost' the original paperwork and had to modify the home orders to compensate. They then ordered such things as counter tops that the original order didn't have. They were criminally slow in getting the work done. They tried to skirt county housing requirements. Honest? They chargeed for items that are standard equipment. They did not provide documentation and receipts for work done. They altered contracts. They lied to you when you questioned time frame and actions taken. They padded the bills. If this doesn't define con artist, what does? NorthStar was successfully sued by a number of former customers, including us.

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