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This site is owned and maintained by Michael Meadors and Karen Dudnikov.

We can be contacted at P.O. Box 87, Hartsel, CO 80449 or via email at MikeMeadors@hotmail.com.
Telephone 719-837-2576.

Please note we are openly displaying contact information and not attempting alleged "character assassination" in an anonymous manner.

We welcome any comments, criticisms, or statements for posting. We are willing to add any reasonable comments, criticisms, or statements, whether pro or con, provided they are submitted in writing when requested. To date, we have not rejected any submission but we also point out we have not received any.

Barbie claims she and some of her stooges have written us letters and we have refused to post them on the web site. This is a lie, but coming from Barbara, what else would we expect? We welcome the chance to post an opposing opinion since the opinions would validate everything we have said. Her friends, former business associates and former employees seem reluctant to put anything in writing. But no comments from them have been offered to us at any time. Perhaps none of the Friends of Babs (a.k.a. FOB) can write with something other than a crayon. None of her friends, former business associates and former employees that we have met appear to be very bright even though they are allowed out in public without adult supervision.

We reserve the right to reject anything that we feel is unbelievable, that cannot be supported, or that is not in good taste. While we may edit something for readability we will not alter the content. We do not have to fabricate stories, the truth is in itself damning and conclusive. Some, a few of the items we present, are obviously jokes; the rest is the truth.

This web site is NOT about NorthStar Homes in Loveland, Colorado.
Their web site is http://www.northstar-homes.com.

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