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Grand West Financial
Formerly of Colorado Springs CO 80903

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Hey Kevin, forclosed on any Widows and Orphans today?

Kevin Marks is a low life. Kevin Marks is a liar. Kevin Marks is a thief. Kevin Marks is a coward. And these are the good things we have to say about Kevin Marks. Because of his direct and criminal support of the NorthStar companies, innocent people were cheated and defrauded. He knew what was happening and he actively supported it. With Doug Robbins & Barbara Robbins, he padded his pocketbook with illegally obtained profits. How could he do this? At the time, mortgage brokers in Colorado were not licensed and required no special education. Any fool, like Kevin Marks, could slap his name on an office door and say he was a mortgage broker. All he then needed was someone to feed him suckers. And who would use a mortgage broker with no credentials? A modular home seller with no scruples, like NorthStar. A match made in hell.

The truth is an absolute defense. Kevin Marks, like Doug Robbins and Barbara Robbins, cannot shut down this web site. They both would love to. But to try, they would have to prove we are lying. And they know they cannot, because we are not lying. We have documents and statement from victims that support what we say.

Kevin Marks once told us that the reason we were not getting any cooperation (from Grand West and NorthStar) was because of our attitude. Hey Kev Baby, what do you think about our attitude NOW? We warned you that we would fight back. And once we did, like the coward you are, you packed it in and ran. You closed your offices in the middle of the night and fled. You moved from your home and did not tell your neighbors you were leaving.

Grand West and Kevin Marks, and we believe with the complete support of Kim Marks the wife of the cowardly KM, were closely allied with the unsavory activities of Doug Robbins and Barbara Robbins and the NorthStar Companies. Together, they orchestrated the defrauding and cheating of unsuspecting home buyers. We are willing to bet that Grand West probably handled all, if not most. of the loans for which NorthStar contracted. Including a $300,000 personal mortgage on the home of Barbara Robbins, a home with an assessed value of $230,000 by Teller County. We have not talked to anyone who using NorthStar had had financing brokered who had dealt with another mortgage broker. Those who arranged their own financing did not use Grand West. They were luckier than the others.

Every one to whom we have spoken concerning Grand West disliked Kevin Marks. Everyone has said they felt pressured and intimidated by his manner and threats. He had threatened clients with foreclosure of their building loans if they did not behave, i.e., back off, after questioning the building project, its costs, and lack of cost verifications. But, the building loans are not his! The loans were through Rocky Mountain Construction Lending! Kevin Marks cannot foreclose on a loan that was not his! Unless, of course, Monica Wasden was in cahoots with them as we suspect.

We believe there was a criminal relationship between Grand West and the NorthStar companies. Together, they routinely defrauded, lied to, and cheated customers. Kevin Marks, who was CEO of Grand West, pressured clients to proceed to settlement even when the clients felt they had valid reasons for questioning what was happening. He supported the claims of NorthStar over the objections of his clients. He told his NorthStar clients that NorthStar was "one of the best". To many clients this was unsettling. They turned to Kevin Marks because they felt they were being cheated by the NorthStar companies only to find that Kevin Marks and Grand West were liars and cheats as well.

Grand West assumed a fiduciary responsibility to protect the home buyer when it tendered a contract that plainly stated that it would "verify work" before approving payment for work done. The contract outlined the steps to be taken, an indication that Grand West would be actively involved in construction cost verification. Yet, Grand West, a.k.a. Kevin Marks, steadfastly refused to provide any physical proof of verification, refused to provide any of the documents used to "verify work", and refused to go into any detail concerning this verification or it's process. Why? Because as we later found, Steve Hoskins, the Construction Loan Manager for Grand West Financial, was the "site inspector" under the phony business name of "Viking".

Kevin Marks is a lying scumbag. He cheats hard-working, honest people whose worst mistake was to trust NorthStar, Barbara Robbins, Doug Robbins and Grand West Financial. Grand West Financial was sued by a number of former customers until he, the cowardly Kevin Marks, closed shop in the middle of the night and fled to another state. He cleaned out his offices and his home, without telling employees and neighbors, and fled like the coward he is. Our sincere hope is that criminal indictments will be brought against Kevin Marks so he `will pay with time removed from the society he pollutes by his physical presence.

So, when faced with the threat of civil lawsuits, what does Kevin Marks do? He skips town! That's why we call him "The Cowardly Lion". Kevin used to tout himself as D Money Man on his website. Maybe now he should get a different email, such as D Wussy Man.

Kevin Marks' Alter Ego
Kevin Marks did appear as a witness at the court hearing in Fairplay in 2002 where Barbie tried to get an order getting these web pages declared obscene and defamatory (that court decision was overturned by the Colorado Court of Appeals). He took the stand claiming he was afraid of us (Karen and Mike) and that we were stalking him and his family. His monthly mousse bill must be greater than the gross national product of a small third world nation. Meanwhile, during a break during the hearing, he tried to provoke a fight with John Hart who is some twenty years plus older than him. Karen could kick the ass of Wimp Kevin and she would have if she had known of his cowardly tactics.

Kevin, really, who "stalks" someone while driving a large white van with the lettering "www.NorthStar-Sucks.com" in large letters on BOTH sides and leaves fliers at the homes of neighbors with a contact telephone number, names and address? That is not stalking - that is attempting to locate someone we feel is engaged in criminal acts, that is one Kevin Marks. That is pursuit of a fleeing coward. But Kevin runs when confronted with a real fight. Kevin, we are right here, where we were when you ran. We are waiting for you to come back and defend yourself. Our names, addresses and phone numbers are posted for all to see. Unlike you who runs and hide.


According to a recent news article we discovered while doing searches, Kevin Marks has gone home to Mommy. And where does mommy live? Deer Lodge, Montana. It seems Kevie-poo slithered through high school at Powell County High School (home of the Wardens), Class of 1979. His yearbook notes he was the most likely to be handcuffed and led away by law enforcement. His was the only picture in the yearbook that had numbers under his chin. His extra curricular activities included being president of The Liars Club, Cosmetology and the 4-H Club. He was in the Future Farmers of America practicing animal husbandry until he got caught (the animals are still in therapy). His career goal was to paint silhouette pictures of animals on road signs.

Turns out that the article, titled "Order will protect councilwoman", and another article, titled "City Files Restraining Order", is about a restraining order issued to prohibit Kevin Marks from contacting councilwoman Karla Rydeen or her family. This is an extension of a temporary order issued April 13, 2010. Kevin is threatening a woman with harm? How masculine of him. How predictable of him. Kevin is quoted as claiming, "In 49 years I have no history of harming people." Kevin, that is a lie and we can prove it.

Kevin Marks followed his assault with a letter to the editor in which he rants about how he was treated, makes quotes without reference, cites rights and statutes without stating their source, and closes with the unsubstantiated claim that he has "professional qualifications" that endow him, and him alone, with the incredible ability to deduce that wrongful acts are being performed by city officials. Kevin certainly should be able to recognize wrongful acts when he sees them since he was the perpetuator of so many such acts while he was running Grand West Financial in Colorado Springs. Or can he? We suggest that like before, he is again lying to promote his own agenda.

And just what are these "professional qualifications" about which he boasts? Kevin claims to be CNU-Accredited for whatever that is worth. The Congress for the New Urbanism ("CNU") appears to be a collection of modernist whack jobs who are using congestion as a club to promote their ideas. People like this do not tolerate opposition. They know what is better for you than you do. Their "accreditation" is open to anyone who has the bucks and who can pass their test (which we suspect is not difficult). Their web site, www.CNU.org, is registered to one Abby Bouzan-Kaloustian whose only claim to fame appears to be that she runs a lot in various races. Wow. We are impressed.

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Karen and Mike are willing to give someone the opportunity to rebut anything said on this web site about them.

We will post that rebuttal, provided it is in good taste, sent it is to us in a format that can be copied, and it addresses the issues. We will not alter the rebuttal unless the content forces us to do so. Karen & Mike are the only ones responsible for the content of this web site. For those who really, really don't like what we say here, consider reading Paragraph I of the Colorado Court of Appeals decision concerning this web site, where the Court stated:

"...the website constitutes protected speech or press under the First Amendment."

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