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~ Teller County Board Hearing Rescheduled ~
November 7, 2001 at 2PM!
The NorthStar Hearing scheduled to be heard Wednesday, October 3rd, has been rescheduled to be heard on November 7th with the meeting begining at 2PM. We don't know what position this has on the Board's Agenda but one would think that it should be the first item to be heard.

The Teller County Administrator, Greg Winkler, has admitted that Teller County should not have cancelled the hearing. He apologized and rescheduled the meeting. Facts surrounding the controversy are fuzzy but this seems to be what happened:

On or about Tuesday, October 2nd, someone called the offices of the Teller County Administrator. This person, officially not identified at this time, either claimed to be the attorney of record for NorthStar, M James Zendejas, or claimed to be relaying information that came from Zendejas. We believe this person to have been Barbara Robbins since the county isn't making any indentity known. This person claimed that Teller County could not hear the complaint against NorthStar because the Harts, one of the complainings parties, were named in a law suit filed by NorthStar. The Teller County Building Officer, the Teller County Administrator, and the Teller County Attorney immediately huddled and concluded that this was sufficient to cancel the hearing.

The Harts immediately complained and protested. Early the Wednesday morning of the hearing, Barbara Robbins hand delivered a copy of the infamous "Zendejas Threatening Letter" to Rick, the Teller County Building Officer. This letter, click here to read copy, was sent to the Harts the latter part of June. This letter was used as justification for the cancellation. The Harts did not quit. They were not named as parties in the law suit to close down this web site.

In the week following, Teller County was not able to come up with anything to substantiate their position so they have relented and rescheduled the hearing.

More details as they become available.

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