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~ ~ Zendejas' Threatening Letter ~ ~
The following is the text of the letter being sent out by Zendejas. The letterhead and footers are reproduced but not totally accurate. The remainder of the letter has been reproduced here without change.


Stinar Law Group LLC

M. JAMES ZENDEJAS   Voice Mail Extension 124
Attorney   E-mail: jim@stinarlawgroup.com
June 26, 2001
Name and address
of receiving party
goes in this space.

            Re: Interference with Contractual Relations of Northstar Construction

Dear (name of recipient)

            If you are represented by counsel, please forward this to her or him, and ask that she or he call me so we can discuss the following matter.

            Please be advised that I represent Northstar Construction, and Doug and Barb Robbins. My clients have informed me that various individuals have taken part in interfering with their contractual relations, business relations, as well as defaming both Northstar and the Robbins. My clients have requested that I inform any potential tortfeasors of a proposed action which may be filed to protect my clients' rights. It is their sincere hope, however, that court action can be avoided, however, if the conduct continues, they have instructed me to advise them as to their rights.

  Very truly yours,
  M. James Zendejas
cc: Clients  



G:\COMMON\CLIENTFL\MJZCL\NORTHSTA\defamation file\xxxx letter.wpd

Post Office Box 1435 . 102 North Cascade Avenue, Suite 350 . Colorado Springs CO 80903
Telephone (719) 635-4200 . Facsimile (719) 635-2493
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